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The Porch is Done!

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We’ve spent the last two weekends spiffing up our porch (which takes a long time these days because we move very slowy) and here are the final results! I blogged a few posts back about how I was going to redo our most beloved porch for less than a $100 bones. To refresh your memory, here is the before and here is the mood board.

Hand Me Down Couch
The biggest change the room is the new paint color, we went from a flesh colored peach that matched the floors to this nice and calm light turquoise which complements the rest of the colors on the main floor of the house. The hardest part of the project was by far sitting on my hands and trying to keep my mouth shut while I watched Jeff try at his first attempts at cutting in. This is ALWAYS my job but with my 9 month pregnant belly it was just not happening. I’ll be up on that ladder first thing after that baby gets here though.

Finn and I picked up some red pillow covers for $6.00 a piece from our favorite Ikea and were able to freshen up that old wicker sofa just a little bit.

The Front Porch; ledge and coffee table
Not a lot has changed furniture wise, we weren’t spending mucho dinero on this re-do so we had to focus on making the accessories cohesive and fun and not worry about the big stuff like the coffee table or couch.

Spaghetti String Glassware
I grabbed my spaghetti string glassware set out of the buffet to set the scene for the coffee table, normally this pitcher would be filled with Margarita’s instead of just boring old water.

My Sedum Soakin up Some Rays
Some of the inspiration from the room came from these planters that I picked up this spring at my local garden store. Would you ever think that blue is not my favorite color? And somehow I end up painting everything in my house in shades of turquoise teal blue.

The Porch
Here you can see how the space all works together. It’s long and narrow and a little hard to drop furniture into but this is how it goes. One the one side we have the more used hang out area with couch, coffee table and ledge seating. It is also home to our vintage console record player. Then you can see that offset from the “living area” we have the vestibule all decked out with my beloved Orla Kiley wallpaper that we hung over the winter. On the other end of the room we used to have kid land, and since it really doesn’t get used for more than toy storage we decided to save one toy box and add our Saarinen style chairs that we have been wondering what to do with for the last year. An old gingham cooler works as a small drink table. I added a foot stool from our upstairs porch and Finn has his own chair too.

Vintage console record player
For $10 bucks I added this picture ledge from Ikea and are now utilizing it as a record sleeve holding zone. Now we can use our album artwork as visual eye candy and we don’t leave the space cluttered with record jackets.

Vintage Columns
We painted blue all around the top of the porch as well and it really helps to make these awesome columns pop. Oh yes and we do use Christmas tree lights as porch lights. It’s not the greatest look during the day but is oh so twinkly and beautiful at night when the porch is all lit up.

Saarinen Style Chairs
Here again our the chairs. We have a set of 4 of these bad boys, two of which make their home in our dining room and now these can make their home in the porch. I grabbed one light blue pillow at Ikea last week for $1.99 and need to go back for the other. I like the way look nested in these chairs.

And so this concludes the tour, now we just sit and wait for this baby to show up. Hopefully you will be hearing about that in the next post or two.

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  • A Canadian MacLeod November 24, 2011

    Love the porch makeover! The cooler between the chairs is a great idea, functional in so many ways. It is, in the interest of full disclosure, decorated in MacLeod Tartan, not gingham (gingham is a smaller check pattern). Now, being a MacLeod, I must find one for myself! Congrats on the AT win, well deserved.

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