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A few weeks ago we were contacted by children’s clothing company Tea and asked to review their clothing. Tea is a cool little company located in San Francisco, CA. Their globally inspired designs make for comfy and modern clothes for our little dudes and dudettes! They aspire to be global citizens and take great pride in giving back to their community. They have created a line of t-shirts called “little citizens of the world” in which they donate all their proceeds to Global Fund for Children. Not only that their clothing is made of high quality natural fabrics and feels awesome to the touch.

Tea fort

Scoops and I got our families together last weekend for some backyard kid fort fun and a few refreshing adult summer beverages. We had the kiddos try on their new duds while exploring and playing in the backyard. It’s amazing to learn how much magic a few sheets and some clothes pins hold. These kids had so much fun playing in an impromptu backyard fort.

Cool fort

Finn’s Long Sleeve Purity Tee and Elsa’s Flor Del Mar Pocket Dress, both made of a lovely pima cotton, easily kept up with these two crazy kiddos!

Elsa n Finn

Snack Break! Royal the dog tries to get in on a much needed muffin break.

Tea Gus
We can’t forget Gus, he needs to get in on the action too. Not big enough for fort parties he chills with mom in his new bodysuit perfect for the upcoming fall weather. This clothing is so soft that you don’t feel like you need to wash it a million times before putting next to newborn baby skin.

Tea Collection offers up clothing for children of all sizes. Check out their Fall 2011 Children’s Clothing collection, inspired by a cross country trip south of border to Mexico.

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