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I thought I’d take a sec and share with you some of the things I traveled with on my recent trip to Ireland. We’ve been planning this trip over the last six months. Every time we purchased something new it was always with the idea that we’d be able to use it in Ireland.

Camera Bag Insert – I received my new Canon camera last Christmas. Since it was such an expensive gift, accessories such as a camera bag were meant to come later, and what better time than an international vacation to purchase a camera bag. I snatched up this ONA bag from amazon and I love it because it holds just what I need; my camera, one extra lens, a battery charger, and a backup CF card. The best thing about this bag though is that it is meant to be an insert for another bag. You don’t have to be the dorky tourist with a giant camera bag, you can easily disguise this in an over the shoulder messenger bag or back pack.


A Cool DressYou’re on vacation with your sweetie and no kids, you better take the time to have a date night! I picked up this “Diamond Confetti Dress” over at Anthropologie with the intent that I would have it for Ireland. It’s super cute and I know I will be wearing it summer after summer.


Awesome Shoes – If you’re traveling you need shoes that are comfortable and look awesome. Another example of not feeling like the nerdy tourist in tennis shoes. These Ina Grau shoes were my jam on this trip. It was nice that they were slip ons too, it was easy to get my feet comfortable on those long plane rides.


A Good Pair of Earrings – You wouldn’t think it but a pair of earrings can make you feel way better about yourself after you’ve spent a 24 hours in an airport, on an airplane or in a cab. Always have a good pair of earrings on hand.


An over-the-shoulder Tote – This is a key piece to any travelers gear. After months of eyeing this Bookhou at Home bag it showed up on Mother’s Day. I love this thing! I want to have a backup version just in case anything ever happens to the one I have, I love it that much :) It was great for travel. It hung on my hip and I was able to (obsessively) check to make sure the zipper was closed and all my stuff was still there. I carried around my ID and wallet, some maps, a little cash, my phone and our iPad.


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