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Cool Things 01.06.12
Are you starting to sense a theme here?  For some reason I can’t get off this black, white & grey kick, is it happening to anyone else too?  Maybe I’ve been reading a little too much www.doorsixteen.com, but these days my heart only longs for triangles and most things black and white.

Here are a few of my favorite items that have caught my eye over the last few days:
1. I adore this little pouch from Bookhou at Home.  I ran across it via the sfgirlbybay blog yesterday and I hearted it immediately. Hand printed in indigo blue (not black) and green, it would make the perfect home for an iPad tote, or if you’re me, a few diapers, a toy monkey, and a wallet.  You can find it over at Bookhou at Home’s Etsy shop.

2. In the midst of doing our music room project we lost a desk lamp.  The music room was lacking lighting and our desk lamp quickly found a new home.  So I guess that means we need a new lamp? No problem, I will happily start looking for one.  I came across this amazing cord lamp at gretelhome.com who’s logo is “Pretty Modern Design.”  It’s true too, everything on their website is the greatest.  I don’t know if my house actually suits this lamp but there is something about it that I just can’t get over, and I kinda wanna have it.

3. Also, while on Gretel I came across the Ratzer blanket.  I actually had seen this blanket a few weeks ago somewhere else out there in internet land, but I couldn’t find a source for it within the United States. Then what do you know, I come across it again at gretelhome.com.  I am happy to know where I can find it, just incase I ever need to go buy myself a $140 throw.  Isn’t it the greatest?

Lastly, I have to mention fab.com.  Am I late to the party on this one?  I signed up for it the other day and it seems pretty cool.  It’s one of those “member’s only” type sites, but they seem to feature a lot of cool stuff, even some vintage pieces. Anyways, if you haven’t heard about it, check it out here.  www.fab.com

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  • krista January 8, 2012

    oh man.. i cannot help love grey things. this is a nice collection!

  • Scoops January 8, 2012

    I know right?, these things are really the best. Wish I could have them all.

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