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Cabin Enthusiast Gift Guide

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Our family and friends all loving playing outdoors in the winter. Thankfully, everyone has been happy to come to the cabin to enjoy these activities with us. As hosts and all around encouragers of a good time, we have become well versed in offering the best of the outdoor fun, while also supplying a cozy place to curl up at the end of a energetic day outside. Here are a few of my all time favorite purchases we’ve made.

We just picked up this cooler a few months back, and man do we love it. Going back and forth from home to the cabin, we always need to pack up refrigerated items and our old cooler was just too small. This coleman cooler is standard and more square than a standard cooler, and you get a lot of space to cram in everything you’ll need for a long weekend. Plus, it comes in an array of colors.
I am so excited to have found this super durable sledding tube. I just bought one for each kid. We have gone sledding down our hill at the cabin with other tubes in the past, but they don’t hold up. This tube is made of old-school inner tubes and comes with a buffalo check sleeve to protect the tube from damage. Plus, I bet if we remove the cover, we can dip this baby in the lake in the summer time.
These enamel dishes are a cabin staple. Originally before we had the cabin, we had them for our dinnerware at home. They really do work anywhere. They are durable and can be thrown in the dishwasher -just don’t put them in the microwave!
An insulated thermos is always a must at a camp fire. Whether it’s hot toddies or cocoa your drink won’t go cold.
I have always wanted a Pendleton blanket, and this one is very much on my radar. I’d love to get two for the kids bunkroom.
They are often cold at night in the winters, and I think these camp blankets would make the perfect addition to the end of their beds.
Toboggan! We don’t have one, but wouldn’t they be so much fun! No reason the kids get to have all the fun sledding.
These are my all time favorite slippers. They were number one on my b-day list last year. Not only are they so comfy and beautiful, but they are made my Ingenious Canadians with much of the money going back to help their community. I love the mission so much.
Snow Shoeing! The kids got a pair of snow shoes last winter, and I’d love a pair for myself. We like to go for walks around the lake and they would be much more efficient with a pair of good snow shoes.
We are big fans of the Yeti Rambler insulated cups. Perfect for keeping your beverage cold on hot summer days, and equally as good as keeping coffee warm all morning long. This is a highly recco.
Red Wing wool socks are on my permanent wish list. I’ll always take a pair.
Every cabin needs a bit of modern, dontcha think? These Scandi beauties are functional works of art. They add a minimal sculptural look to any dining table or kitchen. They come in array of colors, and I’m head over heels for the luscious matte finish.
I love our Chemex coffee maker. It’s such a nice part of our cabin morning ritual. Yes, it may take a little longer to produce a cup of coffee, but man is it worth it. Plus, I love putting a kennel on the stove while I prepare the Chemex and grind the coffee. I wish I had time for it every day of the week.
The classic Stormy Kromer, a staple of almost every cabin dad I know.
Shhh. Don’t tell Jeff, but he’s getting a pair of these sherpa lined elk skin choppers for Christmas this year. They are so warm and hold up well against the elements.
Double Shhh. Our typical tradition is for the boys to open a set of pajamas on Christmas Eve, however they are turning into dudes who sleep in their undies, so I decided I’d get them both a robe and a set of slippers. These ones are sooooo cute.
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