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Big Updates On The Way!!!

Re-Designing the Site
Big things are in the works around here at the old Henhouse. After wanting to switch from blogger to wordpress for the last year, I finally have got the ball rolling and am taking the plunge! It’s been a great learning experience so far. I forget how much I love problem solving, designing and figuring out code. I’ve almost got the whole site re-designed now I just have to wait for the blogger host (enon) to transfer my site over to 1and1.com where I have hosted all my sites in the past. It’s kind of a major headache and I really don’t know what to expect. I’m sure at any minute the transfer can go through which would leave the current deuceciteshenhoues.com (www.deucecities.blogspot.com) temporarily non-functioning. I just hope I’m ready to get it all up and running when the switch occurs. That being said, consider yourself warned.

 The new site is gonna be awesome!! I really can’t wait. It will be super functional, beautiful, well designed (I hope), and fresh. That’s really what we need around here, a fresh face for the new year. So if you don’t see me much around the blog over the next week or so it’s cause I’m spending all my free time working on the new site. Can’t wait to show it off, hopefully it will be live and in action sooner than later.

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  • Krista January 12, 2012

    hope it goes smoothly! the peek looks great

  • Claire January 13, 2012

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  • Claire January 13, 2012

    Meant to write this a couple of posts ago, but you have been more prolific than me. Long time reader, first time poster. Actually came to this blog through the TPC – still my go-to music when I need some intense but inspiring jams. Not to sound like a lurker, but I really enjoyed your old photo blog, and following along with the all of the projects (and antics)!

    Now that I am a little older, a little married, and a little more inclined to indulge my desire to nest, I love reading the Henhouse and keeping up with all of the ways you two are channeling that creativity and sense of community now.

    Best wishes from Chicago and I look forward to the new site!

    Claire B.

  • Scoops January 13, 2012

    Thanks! I hope so too.

    Ha, I didn't know anyone actually ever read that old party blog, I'm glad to hear someone liked it! Yes! People still listen to TPC, that makes me happy. I've been trying to get the kids into it but they would rather listen to the latest Lazerbeak jams.

    I hear you on that nesting thang, it's weird how it sets in. Never thought it would happen to me.

    Thanks for introducing yourself!


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