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Chairs, Chairs, Chairs!

So many chairs...
Hi! Does anyone else love a good chair as much as I do? My collection has been growing and growing and is starting to get a little out of hand. I’ve been accumulating chairs for awhile but I took it to the next level over the last 2 months when I adopted 3.5 new chairs.

In November, I purchased the black Bertoia chair on craigslist to swap it out for the Eames arm chair that I had been using as desk seating. Then I wanted to put the mustard colored Eames chair in the living room with a new black & walnut rocker base. All very reasonable furniture moves. Then to my surprise, I won the Apartment Therapy Color Contest with the grand prize being 2 more Eames molded chairs with dowel bases. Yikes! I put the new white Eames chairs in the music room, but I wouldn’t doubt it if they got whisked off to a new room at any minute.

Anyhow, it’s looking like a chair explosion up in here. I need to start some sort of chair addiction program. I’m on probation. No more! If you see me trying to hoard more chairs slap my wrists. I know my husband would appreciate it.

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  • Janelle January 19, 2012

    Oh my…I have a chair problem too. They're just so wonderful!

    • Scoops January 21, 2012

      I know, right? I watched the Eames Documentary on Netflix last night too, now I want even more.


  • Cecilia Deuhs January 21, 2012

    Hi! I’ve been wondering what your new Eames chairs looked like. What a terrific prize!

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