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Wintery Exterior Decorating

Winter Decorations
What up pals? It’s winter now so you should make your house pretty on the outside. Every year I get a little better at this winter decorating thing. It takes some practice, but once you figure it out it’s fun and easy. Imma tell you a few things about what I know, cause this is a blog about house stuffz and thats what you probably come here for ;)

Winter Decorations
The first rule is don’t get all crazy with the decor. Adhere to a simple color palette bros, use one or two colors ONLY. Common winter colors are as follows; red, green, white, and tealish-bluish. Once you decide on a color theme, pair it with white black or a metallic – gold and silver can easily be used in place of white. If you want to get all granola-E like I did, pair it with something brownish and for a real slam dunk – made of burlap. Pick a style, as in country, modern, classic and stick with it. This is where you can use accents that represent your style. You’ll find these cool accents at the garden center covered in glitter or at craft stores like Michaels.

You’ll want to have some texture in your containers. Achieve this by mixing it up. Use a few different greens and your box will be looking highly festive. It’s all about the layers as demonstrated in the cool gif above.

Popular Greens for Window Boxes and Containers:
Dogwood Branches red or green
Spruce Tips
Pine Boughs
Cedar Boughs
Red Huck
Eucalyptus Silver Dollars
Winter Berry
Sedum Flower
Pepper Berry
Rose hips
This is what I used for my boxes:
20 stems of 1′-2′ Spruce tips
20 stems of Cedar boughs
8 stems of cotton
8 pinecones
12 1′-2′ Birch branches assorted sizes.
biodegradable Floral foam

Cotton Branches in Winter Window Boxes

Pro Tip: As an alternative to floral foam give soil a try. Don’t install your container arrangements on super cold days, you want the temp to be just around freezing so you can easily push the stems into the soil. After you have placed your arrangement water the soil, this will freeze up and keep your winter greens in place for the season.

Paper Star From Ikea
Cool paper stars from Ikea. I got three to put in my front porch, they’re pretty and they flat pack at the end of the season for easy storage. The best.

Simple Wintery Window Boxes
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  • Anne November 26, 2014

    Oh, I was hoping you’d do a post on this! I especially appreciate the pictures of how you put it all together. Thank you!! I’ve never heard of cotton branches—can you find those anywhere? (And by “anywhere” I mean Home Depot.)

    • Scoops December 3, 2014

      Ha! I’m guilty of doing way too much shopping at the depot too. I got them at Bachmas so if you’re local you should be able to find them there. I had never heard of them either, but it was love at first site.

  • Vanessa November 29, 2014

    I have to second Anne’s question – where did you get the cotton? It’s beautiful.

    • Scoops December 3, 2014

      Sorry for the delay on my replies guys, I am the worst blogger. I got it at Bachmans – that will make sense if you’re local to MPLS.

  • Emily Peck December 12, 2014

    Your house is so beautiful and magical! I am still so in love with the colors your painted it! <3 It looks wonderful!

    • Scoops January 6, 2015

      Thanks, Emily! Sweet of you to take the time and say :)

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