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Neutral and Cozy Pillow and Throw Roundup

Budz! I’ve got cozy on the brain, I mean how can you not? If you’re here in the upper part of these United States of America, you should be feeling it too. When it comes to seasonal decorating I seem to be getting more and more minimal every year. I try to fill my house with soft and chill items that reflect the autumnal changes of the year without screaming “hey, look at me, it’s fall and stuff”! I prefer to go neutral when it comes to textiles and linens, this way I can easily incorporate them with other decor that I have out all year. Texture is where it’s at, and the more the better. It’s a subtle extra layer to make your space feel super comfy and welcoming. I’ve been rearranging pillow piles for weeks, and have throws on every possible surface you can sit on. This is my favorite way to make it cozy and seasonal without taking it straight to pumpkin-centertpiece-leaf-wreath town.

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