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Window Cleaning!

Window Cleaning 101 | Deuce Cities Henhouse

Guys! I’m gonna share a secret, the one thing you can do to improve your homes interior during the winter months, is make sure to give your windows (storms too) a good cleaning before it gets too cold.
Simple Steps for Window Cleaning | Deuce Cities Henhouse
Although there are many different brands of window cleaner and a lot of DIY window natural window cleaning recipes, I prefer to use a few spritz’ of Windex with Vinegar. I just discovered it a few years back and it has changed my window cleaning life.
Simple Steps for Window Cleaning | Deuce Cities Henhouse
Use the soft side of a sponge to help to knock off stuck on dirt and grime, and eliminate finger prints.
Simple Steps for Window Cleaning | Deuce Cities Henhouse
There are as many squeegee methods as the day is long. I like to work top to bottom, left to right. Make sure you have good contact with the blade and pull down at a 45º angle.
Simple Steps for Window Cleaning | Deuce Cities Henhouse
It’s imperative that you wipe the blade clean using a lint free cloth between swipes. This will prevent drips or lint from the blade making its way onto your newly cleaned window.
Window Cleaning Tools
Our house has exterior storm windows which help with drafts in the winter. I like to remove the storm windows first, then move outside to clean the exterior side of the windows. Inside, I’ll clean the interior windows, and then finish by cleaning both sides of each storm window.
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  • Jana October 20, 2016

    dang it. feeling some major window guilt right now. i’ve been avoiding this task for…. years. i clean the inside of our windows but the thought of having to go out and remove all 17 storm windows just makes me want to die. storm windows man, they’re a necessary evil that i wish i didn’t have!

    • Scoops October 20, 2016

      Don’t feel guilt, that wasn’t my intent. I just want people to know that it makes such a difference, especially if you live in a cold weather climate and sunlight matters. I do mine chunk by chunk throughout a week or two so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming, just 45 minutes here and there.

  • Kati October 20, 2016

    I have a question as a non-american. Are storm windows meant only for old single-pane, drafty windows or is this something that is instaled on all windows?

    • Scoops October 20, 2016

      Hey Kati, good question. Storm windows can be found on most old homes in cold weather climates, I don’t know if they would be as common in the south. It helps to prevent drafts in the winter. Newer windows are double paned and weather tight, they don’t need storms and they are so much easier to clean because many pop inward.

      • Jana October 20, 2016

        i’m in Oklahoma with storm windows! here, it is definitely only a thing for the old single-pane windows. a few people keep them as extra protection from hail damage during storms or tornado damage but 99% of the time they’re removed once you replace your windows with more efficient ones.

  • Gold Coast Window Cleaner December 30, 2017

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