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Macrame, Hoo-ray!

Woven Macrame Folding Lawn Chair
It seems like every summer I macrame a chair or two, this year I went a little buck and am up to two sets, that is four chairs my people!! It also seems like every year they get a little cooler too. I guess I’m just honing this craft. Anyways, I get lots of e-mails about these chairs, and I just wanted to show off this season’s weaves while reminding the fine people of the internet that I have made two video tutorials on this subject (1 good one, and 1 kinda good one), as well as well as a written how-to with pictures! My brother and sis-in-law are living examples of learning from my vids. They are in the process of making two chairs for some budz as a wedding gift – which I think is a super sweet idea! Anyway, back to me, their success is an endorsement for how I rule a little bit at explaining hard to describe things on the web.

Woven Macrame Folding Lawn Chair Woven Macrame Folding Lawn Chair Woven Macrame Folding Lawn Chair
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  • Elle October 3, 2021

    Please teach me on how to macrame chair. I hate to throw away the chairs.

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