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Mix Tape : Christmas Jamz

Ho, Ho, Ho! Now that is officially Christmas music listening to time (post Nov 15), I am bestowing upon you the very best in christmas jamz. I consider myself a connoisseur of the best holiday tuneages. I practically love all Christmas music except for Paul McCartney’s “Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time”, which makes me simply have a horrible headache with an even worse song stuck in my head and sometimes I might even puke a little.

(Take a chill pill crazy lady)

Here you have it, the ultimate compilation of my favorite Christmasy time jamz. My favorites Christmas crooners of course are, Bruce, Elvis, Willie, and Bob, but I wanted to provide you with a well rounded Christmas listening experience and added in a couple other favs to top it off.

Hope you enjoy.

Continue after the jump for my Spotify playlist!

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  • Emily @ Peck Life November 18, 2012

    YAY! Thanks for posting, I’m feeling extra festive today and can’t wait to listen!! PS – i know this is totally random but what blog commenting system do you use? I love how your commenting is so simple!

    • Scoops November 19, 2012

      Hey Emily! I just use the straightforward generic wordpress commenting system. The theme for my blog is Thesis, and I just use CSS to customize it. Hope that helps :)

      • Emily @ Peck Life November 20, 2012

        ah thank you it does. i assumed it was wordpress. i’m on typepad. :)

  • jessica November 18, 2012

    So sad. Spotify doesn’t work in my country (Canada). Really needed some decent Christmas music today.

    • Scoops November 19, 2012

      What? I had no idea? That is crazy! Is it because of licensing or something? Thanks for letting me know about this, maybe I need to compile these mix’s in US & Canadian friendly formats. Is there some sort of Canadian equivalent?

      • jessica November 19, 2012

        Sorry, I’m technologically challenged so I have no idea what an equivalent here would be. But yeah, it would be great if you could find out as I think we have very similar taste in music.

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