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Project Room Before
Hey guys, you excited for the next installment of my hugest spring to-do list ever? Come, on, I know you are.

I’m still staying strong and following through on the plan to check all these annoying projects off my list. It’ll make the spring that much sweeter when I don’t have to feel the guilt of projects left undone weighing down on my shoulders. Anyone out there with me on this? Tell me about it, please!

Project Room After
So as you can see my basement “Craft Room”, or as I am now newly renaming it “Project Room” was a total disaster. It’s the place where we store all of our projecty things; like tools, paint, wallpaper, wrapping paper, fabric, sewing machines, ironing boards, etc etc. It get’s used all the time but unfortunately things get taken out of it and then get casually tossed back in when the project is over. I mean, it’s so hard to actually put something back where it belongs when it’s in the basement behind closed doors.

Now it’s looking so good though and everything has a home. Lemme tell you ’bout it.

Peg Board Organization
Look, all the tools are hung up on this peg board. Tools that are holeless (aka can’t be hung up because they don’t have a hole to be hung on) are in the tool box (basically all the screwdrivers). I organized things by projects, the painting tools are together, as are the pliers, and the putty knives. I almost went as far to outline all the tools with black marker so I would make sure to get them back in the right place, but then I decided that was probably too crazy, even for me.

I love pegboards! I grabbed a bunch of peg board accessories when I was at the hardware store. They even have little trays that attach to the peg board to store all of my nails, framing wires, eyelets, screws and anchors in. I kind of wish I had peg boards all over the house.

Paint Cans Labeled and Organized
The biggest task was going through all the paint cans. We inherited a shit ton of these things from the old owners, I don’t know why because the walls were only painted one color, but somehow they had a lot of cans. Then you throw all my new cans on top of it, and there was probably over 30 cans. I went through them all organizing paint that I had put on the walls from paint they had put on the walls, then I went through that and separated the dried up or empty paint cans from the usable ones. When all was said and done I had about 15 paint cans to take to my local hazardous waste recycling drop off. It feels good to get all that extra junk out of the house.

I also labeled all the cans by location used. The old labels on a lot of the cans were starting to fade and were only placed on the top. I was starting to lose track of what was what. I labeled the front and top of each can, hopefully this will help my minimize my paint can mess in the future the next time I need to quickly find a can.

I also put some stuff on the internet guys. I took the plunge and listed my Kelsey Letterpress. Even though I had big dreams for that thing it wasn’t doing me any good sitting in my basement collecting dust. I listed on Craigslist for a very decent price and now I’m $450 dollars richer. I already went ahead and bought myself a little reward over here.

I still have this cool chair listed if anyone is interested. Twenty big ones and it’s yours.

Stairway From Tobacco Yellow to Gray
I left our stairway partially painted for 3 years, what, you don’t do that? I was convinced I’d figure out a way to reach that 20 foot expanse of walls on a staircase, yeah, NOT happening. I finally called up some painter guys to come over and do it for me. Wham bam thank you ma’am, it was taken care of in less than 3 hours.

To Do List
Checking things off like a bawse.

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  • Anne March 11, 2013

    Your to-do list posts are super inspiring! My “sewing room” is in a corner of our laundry room in the basement and right now it looks EXACTLY like the top photo of this post. Crap EVERYWHERE, and very little of it related to sewing. It is such a huge project and I have been putting it off for so long. I need to just do it!

    • Scoops March 13, 2013

      Yes, join me! It feels good, and really, it only takes an hour or two of dedicated work, and then you feel so much better!

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