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My May Garden

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart
Finally, we made it to a May garden post you guys, and I finally have photos to share with you of real actual plants. The first month of spring is always the most exciting in the garden, things grow so quickly, it’s insane! Just two weeks ago there were barely plants making there way out through the soil, and now everything is on the cusp of blooming.

I wish that there were more blooms to share in this months garden post, everything is just teetering on the edge of beautiful. It’s driving me crazy!

I’m beyond thrilled to see everything filling in so well this year, my plants are all finally reaching maturity and I can start to see the big plan all come together. It’s been raining tons which is good and bad, the garden loves it, the weeds do too. I’m just starting my 3rd round of weeding (blech), but it all comes with the territory.


Pagoda Dogwood
Dogwood, Tulip & Lamium

Flowering Pagoda Dogwood
This is seriously the first year these Dogwoods have looked pretty. The flowers are amazing, and I never really noticed them in the past. I spent a lot of time last summer pruning them. I actually have been taking photos of my progress with them over the last year so if anyone is interested in how I turned my mangled shrubbery into an okay looking set of trees, I’ll be happy to show you.





Ruby Tears Crabapple Tree

Ruby Tears Crabapple
Our crabapple season was short lived. I always look forward to seeing the blooms (we have two trees), and this year the trees bloomed and then heavy rains pummeled the pedals before we even got a second to enjoy them. This crabapple tree (Gus’ tree) is the best when it’s in full bloom.



So close! “Come on guys!, Bloom!!”



I told you, everything is bursting.


Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob's Ladder


Solomon’s Seal

Solomon's Seal



Just today the Hostas started to open up.


Backyard Garden

Backyard Border Garden
I think this backyard border garden is turning out pretty tyte. The grass is long right now (we’re planting new seed) but with a fresh cut it will look super great. I think I might actually have to do some thinning out in this side garden later this summer.


Finn & Fern

Finn & Fern
For reference, Finn wanted me to show you how tall these crazy ferns actually are, almost as big as him!

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  • Vanessa March 10, 2014

    I love gardens and plants and yours has really come along well in three years (I’m reading from 2011 to the present). It looks great Scoops!

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