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Hey guys, I’m realizing that I need to soak in every last bit of the summer while it’s here. I haven’t felt overly inspired to blog lately, a lot of that is because it’s summer, duh! I could tell you about my yard and my kids all the time, because that is my current life over here, but that stuff is kind of boring and I don’t want that day-to-day to take over the blog. I mentioned last week that I try and put the home projects on hold for the colder months and I don’t want to force uninspired posts for the sake of posting. I also have a few design projects on the side that I need to focus on, and have been putting off. There’s just not enough time in the day to do it all. I’m not saying I’m done posting for the rest of the summer or anything crazy, I just think the number of posts might be toned down for the next few weeks and I’ll only be posting the really good stuff (insert winking emoticon here) while the itch for home projects build. I’m excited to take it easy for a bit while finding new inspiration to share with you when I come back in full-on blog mode.

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