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Kitchen Fever

Kitchen Fever

What better thing to do while sanding and painting my kitchen cabinets then dream about my future finished babilicous kitchen, ahhh. I mean, I have so much time on my hands while doing all that boring crap that I can’t resist dreaming about how great it will be when it’s all done, and my dreams sometimes look like the photos above. Fer real guys, now that I started this kitchen project I am so excited about it!

Now, I know my little kitchen makeover isn’t going to result in the above amazingess, but I think I could kinda pull it off, at least in a way that is condusive to my awkward kitchen layout, ya know? I am loving, let me rephrase that, L O V I N G ! the look of dark dark base cabinets and white uppers. I wish I could do that in my kitchen this time, but alas, I have black granite countertops that will make dark base cabinets look weird. It’s so sad but so, so true. Those dark charcoal base cabinets will have to wait ’till futre days and keep me company in my dreams.

I’ve just recently started diving into the world of inspiration photos, so if you think of anything that might be up my alley feel free to pass it along!

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  • Erin August 30, 2013


    I also dream about kitchen updates, you are most certainly not alone! That first picture with the stools at the breakfast bar has me drooling. Someday when we redo the countertops in our kitchen, breakfast bar and farmhouse sink here I come! And hex penny tile backslpash or marble subway tile backslpash, garghh…

    • Scoops September 3, 2013

      I know, I love that first photo too, like more and more every time I see it. I love the idea of a penny tile backsplash, it would look so good in your house too, and the farmhouse sink, drool.

  • jessica August 30, 2013

    I really like the look of charcoal lowers but I’ve really been into a chalky medium grey on the lowers and white on top as well. In fact, although I have chosen charcoal for my cupboards I have a million swatches of stormy medium greys. I think also, that if you could add some natural wood elements it would look smashing. I think it would look good with black countertops as well. Ha ha but white is classic of course!

    • Scoops September 3, 2013

      Jessica! I agree, wood elements would really step it up. I’ve been thinking about maybe a butcher block table. I worry about the black counter tops and the dark lowers with the white appliances, updating those won’t be in the budget this year.

      Have you renovated your kitchen already? Are you loving the medium grey? What is the color called?

      • jessica September 3, 2013

        Yeah I can see that it would look choppy with white appliances. BUT, if you plan on replacing them at some point you may want to consider just going for the dark lowers. If not then yes stick to white lowers.
        My reno isn’t complete…a baby got in the way! However, I have chosen either Kendall Charcoal, Stone or Ashley Grey. All Benjamin Moore. I’m leaning towards the Kendall as it’s part of the historical colours. Then again so is Ashley Grey…
        Maybe I need your advice about which grey to choose!

        • jessica September 4, 2013

          OOps that was Chelsea Gray not Ashley Gray.

        • Scoops September 4, 2013

          I haven’t seen them in person, but from doing a quick look online I would vote Kendall Charcoal, I like that it’s darker and a little on the earthy side and like you said, it’s one of their historic colors.

          I so wish that I knew for sure we were going to get new appliances in a year, but it all depends. Someday maybe we will, and when that happens I can always paint ’em grey. I think the white is the safest for now. I do love the look of grey base cabinets about a million though. I think your kitchen will look great.

        • Scoops September 4, 2013

          Oh, and thanks for sending that link via pinterest, number 3 in the list of whether or not I should follow the grey trend does say “If you have white appliances, a soft shade of gray will contrast nicely instead of looking like you’ve tried to match the appliances–impossible–and failed.” So maybe there is hope for me…

          • jessica September 6, 2013

            Hey no problem! Kendall Charcoal is def my fave too! My husband likes the two lighter ones. But, since I’ll be doing all the work I figure I should go with my gut…and yours!

  • Kristen August 31, 2013

    I really like that first photo, and it seems to correspond well with your kitchen remodeling plans. Wondering if you could use a chunky charcoal kitchen table to replicate the look of that charcoal peninsula? I’m excited to see your kitchen progress! Good luck with the cabinet refinishing!

    • Scoops September 3, 2013

      Hey Kristen, I was thinking about a table too, it might be something that I could add the dark color too, maybe with a butcher block top? I’m still going over all the details in my head but there has to be a way to make a reference to dark lowers without having to have dark lowers. Using a dark grey table or maybe a cabinet on wheels might be the perfect solution.

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