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My Birthday Wishlist

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Hello ma’ friends! I am one of those annoying people that enjoys celebrating their birthday. My brother and I have birthday’s three days apart in the month of December and my Mom always did a really good job of trying to make us both feel special on each of our own birthdays. I have to blame her for instilling a true, unabashed love of my favorite 24 hours of the entire year, deep within me. On a side note, I unintentionally gave birth to two humans with July birthday’s less than two weeks apart, and I try my hardest to have special birthday celebrations for both of them too – passing on the torch to yet another generation of annoying birthday-loving-jerks.

With all the holiday shopping guides floating around, I thought it might be fun to share my birthday wishlist with ya, just so you don’t forget the true meaning of the season (wink, wink). Of course this is a dream list, but it’s cool stuff like this that is always on my radar. I am very happy and thankful to report that I did upgrade my camera this year – a very zang McDang sitchu-ang – although it was more of a necessity than a wish as my other camera died after 7 years of loyal service. Still, my new Canon 5D is super slick. I’m still experimenting and learning every time I pick it up, but I can definitely see an improvement in my images, especially in low light situations.

Thanks for indulging me!

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  • Judi December 4, 2018

    My mom created “birthday season.” Cards would start arriving a month before my actual birthday. Now that she’s gone, birthdays are just not the same! Congratulations on keeping your birthday sacred (and not succumbing to birthday loss what with the December holidays…my mom’s b’day was December 20, and I’ve always thought birthday season might have. been born because of that!). Also: fantastic list. Sigh, right?

    • Scoops December 6, 2018

      Hey Judi! I love it. I betcha birthday season was born because your Mom’s birthday was so close to Christmas. My mom started an ambiguous birthday holiday called birthDAX, your birthday has a start but when it ends is unclear – it could be days or weeks – sounds a lot like birthday season :)

  • Stacey W December 4, 2018

    My birthday is Dec 27. Much of my childhood I would get half a gift for Xmas, the other half for my birthday. Seeing my sister get full gifts twice a year was always annoying.
    Now, in my middle-age, I’m over it and pretty much don’t celebrate because everyone is too tired to. More power to you!!

    • Scoops December 6, 2018

      Awh dang, that is rough, but I totally get that it happens. I too have split gifts between Christmas and my birthday so I know how that goes. It’s gotta be hard having your birthday butt-up against such a big holiday, my bestie’s birthday is on the 29th and she often gets buried in the hub-bub of the season. Happy early birthday!

  • Jeanne December 5, 2018

    Scoops! December baby right hee-ah! ;) 12/20 As a kid I was always asked if I hated having my bday so close to Christmas. Nope. I got to piggy-back on all the holiday decorations after all. It seems to be harder on my husband’s side of our family, but we’ve opted to celebrate my bday with them on New Year’s Day and that seems to work. Honestly, the older I get, the less I need the hoopla.

    • Scoops December 6, 2018

      Yeah! I love it. Glad you are able to enjoy your special day even though it’s so close to the holidays. As I get older I still need hoopla, maybe slightly less, but still hoopla. Happy early B-Day!

  • Cathy | the Grit and Polish December 6, 2018

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alison!!! I full heartedly support birthday wishlist item #2- it was on my list for 3 years too! Hope your day was as special as when you were a kid!

    • Scoops December 13, 2018

      Hey Cathy! Thanks so much. I can’t wait to get some time to learn all about my new camera. I have added having-enough-time-to-read-the-camera-manual-front-to-back on my holiday wishlist ;)

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