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Boulevard Garden : Year 2

Hey Guys! So if you've been following along with the blog you may remember last year when I overhauled the boulevard garden. I had originally planted the garden in 2010, but I had no idea what I was getting into. The garden was not thriving and poorly organized. At the beginning of last summer I came up with a new boulevard plan and began ripping out the old garden, leaving what worked but adding READ MORE
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Boulevard Garden : Part 2

Guys, sorry I've been away a bit lately. It's all because I've been busting my butt working on the boulevard garden. Jeff's been laughing at me because I made the mistake of saying to him in passing that "I wasn't allowed to weed the backyard gardens until I finished the boulevard first", the ongoing joke now is that weeding is my treat for hard work. Whatever, man, so what if I like spending READ MORE
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Boulevard Garden : Part 1

Hope you guys all had a super sweet long weekend, I know I did (minus the no sun and cold weather part). I spent a few afternoons over the last week digging up the north side of my boulevard garden, and I have to say, I'm super happy with the results! I've mentioned before that last year I attempted to dig up the front boulevard garden, remove the weeds and reseed it with grass seed specifically READ MORE
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Inspiration Photos Found On Pinterest Guys, did you know that what I have been referring to as a "boulevard garden" is much more commonly known as a "HELLSTRIP"? Cause I had no idea, until I started googling around looking for inspiration for my much more mild mannered "boulevard garden". I realize now that "hellstrip" is a very fitting name (plus it sounds pretty badass), it describes that READ MORE
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Last spring Jeff and I got tired of popping dandelions and decided to rip out our front boulevard as away around weeding. In hind sight it might have not been the easiest route but I am happy that we jumped in head first and committed to making the space between the sidewalk and the street a pretty shade garden. Now that we've made it through our first winter the garden is looking a little worse READ MORE
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