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Deuce Cities Henhouse

Tutorial : White Radiator!

Guys, I finally did it! After weeks of procrastinating I finally set time aside to paint the music room radiator white. I knew this wasn't going to take me long, but it was just one of this projects that I didn't want to do, for fear that something would go wrong and it would take me all day and the loss of my mind to fix. Lucky for me that did not happen. Within one hour of starting this project READ MORE
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Music Room Complete!

I'm so proud to show off the completed music room!!!! It's been a big project that I started planning way back in September. It was my hope to finish by the end of the year, and I came close, but still had a hand full of small projects to get done. Here's a before photo just to refresh your memory: What a hot mess it was. It's come a long way. I started with slowly removing all the wallpaper, READ MORE
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Things Done, Things To Do.

One of my big projects to finish by the end of the year was the "music room" aka the odd extra room on the back of our house that we've made home to our piano and record collection. It was a mess before, and I have plenty of pictures to prove it. Since November I have been slowly pounding away at it and I've finally made it to the final stretch.Here's a little recap of the changes I've made and the READ MORE
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Sneak Peek

Okay, I had to share cause I am so proud of all the work we've done and because I love this wallpaper to death. We are partaking in our annual Christmas break wallpaper tradition, so after the kids were in bed last night we marathoned it and got this feather wallpaper up on the music room walls. More updates to come real soon... READ MORE
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Around The House

You're going to have to get used to more posts like this, I just can't help myself with this new camera.  Everything looks so beautiful now, I can't even imagine what things are gonna look like once I get my tripod back (50's, you heard me) and get into manual mode.  Below are some photos of the music room with new beautiful walls freshly primed and ready to be painted.P.S. did you notice I got my READ MORE
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