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Chugging Along.

So, I guess this dewallpaper/rewallpaper/paint the music room project was a little bit bigger that I expected it would be, but NO regrets. It's not like I could've lived with the room the way it was forever, that 80's country wallpaper had to go! Things are coming a long though, I actually had to hire a professional handyman to help with repairing the walls. It turns out the wallpaper was covering READ MORE
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Happy Friday Everyone!Today I wanted to share an update on my projects that I need to get done before the end of the year. I am making progress!! I am a nap time warrior!!! Over the last two weeks I have removed all the wallpaper in the future "music room" and it was a huge task to say the least. It was def not one of those easy peasy tear the wallpaper off in 5 minute projects that you sometimes READ MORE
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Music Room Musings

Have I told you that I am spending my days at home now, I am officially a stay at home mom AND taking on watching Colz' Elsa 5 days a week too. It is a crazy party here every day and for the most part I am enjoying it. I am most happy not to be spending the majority of my nights in the restaurant business that's for sure. Anyhow, with all that being said I am at home a lot, and it hasn't taken long READ MORE
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