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Wallpaper love!
So, I guess this dewallpaper/rewallpaper/paint the music room project was a little bit bigger that I expected it would be, but NO regrets. It’s not like I could’ve lived with the room the way it was forever, that 80’s country wallpaper had to go! Things are coming a long though, I actually had to hire a professional handyman to help with repairing the walls. It turns out the wallpaper was covering up a real bad plaster job. Not to worry Ken, (the handyman, and my parents neighbor and all around good dude) is here to save the day! We’re slowly getting closer to seeing this oh-so-awesome ferm living feather wallpaper up on these walls.

As you can see in the photo below, he skim coated the crap out of these walls and he’s coming back tomorrow for one 3rd and final coat (that’s right, I said 3rd coat.) Anyway, I am getting really excited to seeing this baby done, and there still is a possibility for it to all come together before the January 1st deadline. I’ll keep ya posted…

Skim coating the walls!
Oh, and one last thing, it’s my 30th birthday this weekend!!! Let’s hope this is the last post I put up using my camera phone. A little bird told me I should be expecting some sort of picture perfect present!!!!! (Bad pun, sorry.)

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  • Heidi November 29, 2011

    Happy Birthday (my 30th is Monday)! And . . . I got a camera, too!

  • Scoops November 30, 2011

    Happy birthday to you too, and yay cameras!!!

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