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Hey Guys, long time no see. I was just in Vegas for a long weekend with my lady friends. Have you ever been there before? It was my first time, basically it was what I expected it to be, a shit show, but way more expensive. Anyway, that’s what I’ve been doing.

Before I left last week I did some hunting up in my attic. My attic appears to have literally nothing in it. There are no awesome long lost secrets to find up there, just old rafters, 4 windows and emptiness. I still find myself going up there on occasion in hopes of finding some sort of long lost relic. Then, last week when I was up there snooping around I realized that what I thought to be a couple of boards leaning up against the wall were actually old beveled mirrors! I was so excited to find something old and original to the house, and best of all it was something that I could potentially make useful again!

Then right next to the chimney, I kicked around what I thought was an old brick and realized it was lightweight and hollow, not a brick at all! It was totally a box. Oh my god, was this it, the key to the mystery of my house, some long lost time capsule? Alas, it was just a melamine box with some old keys, some pins and a pay stub. But the pay stub has some dudes name on it, so I’m thinking I might start up my ancestry.com subscription again to do some ancestral stalking of people who may or may not have ever lived in my house. Someday I seriously just need to cut to the chase and go down to the Hennepin History Museum to see if I can find any old photos of my house.

Also, whenever the day comes that I leave this house in like 50 years, I am totally hiding a secret hidden time capsule for other folks to find. They will love me for it.

Anyway, what should I do with this mirrors? There are four that I have found up there total. A long mirror which probably went on the back of a door, a medium sized rectangular mirror that I’m guessing went in the bathroom (might be a little newer in age) and then two victorian mirrors that are super lovely and feminine with etched floral motifs. One of the mirrors (the round one) I found in the attic a few years ago, in the same location where I found the others. I didn’t see the other mirrors then, cause like I said previously, they were filthy and gross and I thought they were boards. The mirror with the white frame is totally from Ikea and I was considering arranging them all together in some sort of formation (shout out to colz) on the wall near the newly painted dresser. I don’t know though, I need to dig around for some inspiration on the old net. They would do a great job of reflecting some of the light from the sunroom back into the bedroom.

What do you guys think? Any awesome ideas for what I could do with these mirrors?

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  • AnnMarie November 19, 2014

    I don’t have any ideas for you, but definitely find something cool to do with the mirror on the left, it’s so pretty! What a find. ^_^ I rent, and alas I have no attic to explore, but someday…

    • Scoops November 20, 2014

      I’m hoping you’ll have an attic someday. I was sure this old house of mine was going to have a lot more secrets in it, maybe I’m just not looking in the right places.

  • Amanda November 19, 2014

    Those are so cool. A big grouping of mirrors would be great, I remember you saying it gets dark in corners of the room (back when you were considering rearranging). I have a condo and i was fun going through the stuff the previous owners left – 26 paint cans (yea, it was a pain going through them), a box of comics from the 80s, a full set of china, and a small box of old baseball & football cards with a hidden cigarette in there (I think also from the 80s ha). Also when I moved in there was a rusty steak knife and an empty toe tag in a kitchen cabinet. That wasn’t as cool. Wish there was stuff from earlier than the 1980s in storage, but at least I have the original trim, knobs, and in-place door mirror from 1928 in my home.

    • Scoops November 20, 2014

      Hey Amanda, Oh yeah, paint cans, I def got those. They have been drying out in my garage over the last year.. woof. What is up with the toe tag? That is crazy, and I love the cigarette in the sports cards, too funny. I guess stuff has to be pretty old for it to be really interesting, but it’s great that you have all your original hardware and mirrors in the right spots. I think I will see if I can find some mirror arrangement inspiration to guide me. Pinterest, here I come.

  • Vanessa November 19, 2014

    Dear God please don’t have me go to Las Vegas ever again! I can’t think of anything good about it. Anyway, nice mirrors.

    • Scoops November 20, 2014

      Vanessa! Ha, yeah, Vegas. It was fun to do, once. I still have a cough from all the cig smoke.

  • Kristen November 22, 2014

    Awesome finds! And I love trying to find out more about a home’s provenance and prior owners. It’s half the fun of living in these older homes! Sounds like a good winter project to me… :)

    • Scoops December 3, 2014

      I agree, I really hope I can find out more about our homes history someday.

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