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Wut up buddies? Last week I got the opportunity to see one of my favorites, Bob Dylan, perform at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis for a three night stint. If you’re not familiar with the Orpheum it’s a small intimate 2,600 capacity venue. To have the opportunity to see Bob in Minneapolis, in such a small venue was not to be missed.

I go to Bob Dylan shows with my dad exclusively. It’s just this little father daughter bonding thing that has become a part of our lives. The first time I saw Bob was at the Des Moines State Fair August 10, 2001 with Jeff, I was hooked. The second show in Fargo North Dakota, and almost all of them after were with my dad. I was 19 at the time of the Fargo show and he let me drink beers with him in the back of the station wagon before watching Bob play outdoors on a minor league baseball field while the sun set. It was at the 2004 show in Rochester MN that I was introduced to my first bloody beer while ‘tail gating’ in a Mayo clinic parking ramp. We got up close to the stage when the fair-weather-fans ran for cover because of the rain, got to see another memorable show, and coincidentally the bloody beer is now one of my favorite weekend beverages. We’ve also become very familiar with Bob Dylan’s band, the songs played on tour, Bob’s harmonica playing, and the subtle nuances between each show. We get and adore Bob’s oddities. Something as subtle as a funny pose or ad-libbed “woow” will get us reminiscing for hours after the show. We understand that the experience comes from the audience and the venue as much as from the music and band, and sometimes everything comes together perfectly for a very memorable night. That’s what keeps us coming back, not wanting to miss out on those perfect nights where everything is just right.

Not everyone gets a kick out of old Bob, he’s an acquired taste live, but if you like him, you really like him. The Minneapolis shows were going to be my 11th 12th and 13th shows, and I’m hopeful there will be more. Bob’s on a never ending tour, which started back in 1988, because of that there has only ever been a year or two that have floated by without us seeing him. Lets hope old Bob keeps on kicking.

Going to shows is an important past time that Jeff and I as well as our friends and family share with us. It’s an extracurricular activity that we prioritize on our list of things to do. I’m sure there could have been another vacation to be had in lieu of all the shows, but seeing the bands is what makes us happy.

There are a few bands on a short list that I would go see night after night. On the top of the list is Bruce Springsteen, and I have seen him multiple nights in a row, he’s amazing and being apart of one of his shows is one of the best experiences ever! We’ve dubbed it “Inclusion Rock”.

Bob Dylan obviously makes it on the list, although the set lists didn’t change at the recent shows in Minneapolis, I think I’d do it again.

Patti Smith is my idol, I’ve only seen her twice but if she went on tour I would follow her around and see her everywhere she went. I love her.

The most recent addition to this list is Pearl Jam. For the last two years I have been a card carrying member of the Pearl Jam Ten Club (Peej’s Fan Club) hoping there would be a time when I could actually see the band. Just a few weeks ago I got to see Pearl Jam for the first time. Although we had some sweet tickets, Jeff was able to interview Jeff Ament (the bass player) for Rolling Stone, (see here and here) and we were able to get some back stage passes out of the deal. I felt like I was skipping right past GO not paying my fan-dues. I’ll admit it wasn’t fair that I got to go back stage (or even be in the pit) on the first time through, but it was awesome. To be clear, I would go see Pearl Jam again and again even if I had to sit up on the last seat of the second floor.

I’m curious to know what you guys are into? Music is such a big part of my life, I don’t talk about it a lot on the blog, but I’m wondering if there is a band that you would see more than once? For all you local folks, I know Garth Brooks is in town and so many people are seeing him night after night, are you one of those people? I kinda wish I would’ve gotten tickets just to see what all the fuss is about – I have a tiny place in my heart for country music.

All this show seeing and late nights has left me burning the candle at both ends. This girl is sick sober and sorry and I’ve spent the last few days in bed battling a massive cold. Hoping to be cured by the weekend, I have big plans in the works…

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  • Lori November 12, 2014

    Yes!! I love your music posts about as much as I love your gardening posts :). Music is a HUGE thing for my hubby and me. Before we started dating we discovered we had the same taste in music and it just went from there. He and I drove to Chicago from Louisville to see the deftones (my fave band) in ’05, and we’ve seen them I think four times together. We love music in this house and are waiting for a good time to take our four year old to some shows. He loves music too, and has an opinion about which Zeppelin album we play in the car. We have also been on a big pearl jam kick in this house too, but we couldn’t get to Memphis to see them. We live in Nashville now so good music is around us all the time. It’s funny that you mentioned Patti Smith because I was listening to Dancing Barefoot when I realized I was in love with my husband (gush, ha). I vowed this week actually to make it a point to see her if she is ever close, since like a fool I missed Chrissie Hynde on Monday.
    Anyway, sounds like you’ve been having some great fun and take care of yourself and get better soon! There’s more rocking to do!!! :)

    • Scoops November 20, 2014

      Lori! That is so great, I love that you’re into those gardening posts. BTW, I totally sucked at getting a garden clean up post done this fall. I took all the photos, did all the work and then it snowed on half the country and I figured it wouldn’t help anyone now, probably too late.

      That is so sweet that you and your husband share a love of music, it’s a good thing to share ;) Yes, Peej, they are so good!!! Everyone in my family is getting Pearl Jam records for christmas, fer real. I just saw that Patti is touring in January on the west coast, if I didn’t have so much going on then I would head out west to see her and catch some sun. Hoping she comes through the midwest sometime in 2015.

  • Carrie November 12, 2014

    Ah-mazing and so jealous

  • Claire November 13, 2014

    “but seeing the bands is what makes us happy.” In our family you can probably substitute “us” with “me”, but my husband loves going along for the ride, and we love people-watching at shows. In a nice bit of synergy with our 4th anniversary, we’re going to see the New Pornographers tomorrow (party time, excellent!). Debating whether to try to see Bob Mould on NYE. Not sure we want to deal with the sitter costs and going to a douchey part of town on an extra-douchey night of the year, but I am sorely tempted…Glad you got to have such a special experience with your dad and Grandpa Bob!

    • Scoops November 20, 2014

      Oh man, going out on NYE sounds like a nightmare, you’d have to deal with all those super drunk people and then if you’re drinking, try and get a cab on top of it. Seeing Bob Mould would be cool though…

  • Lynn November 14, 2014

    HI! I’m a fellow deuce city girl (northern suburbs) who also gets to enjoy the many musical talents that our great city (cities) offers! Lucky us!! We, too, are HUGE Bruce fans. I was able to fulfill a “bucket list” wish when we got to bring our kids (14 & 16) to the Nov. 11, 2012 concert. Although they weren’t able to experience Clarence w/him, still, it was an amazing night & none of us will ever forget that! They both have seen & enjoyed other concerts, but Bruce will ALWAYS top their lists – legendary!! My husband & son saw the Black Keys two years ago & recently went back in Oct. (Target Ctr) bringing our daughter & BIL. They said it was awesome – my husband & BIL loved it as much as the kids!! They said there was a very wide age-range of people there – preteen to 60ish! I thought that was interesting. Me, my kids & my sister just went to the James Taylor concert (Excel). Enough said. He’s amazing, another legend. Never disappoints. Glad my kids will be able to say they saw him! My husband & son saw BOC @ the fairgrounds a couple summers ago. They really enjoyed that! And my daughter & I saw Michael Buble a year ago. Let me just say that I’ve always said that once you’ve been to a Bruce concert, none will EVER compare. ALthough I still feel that way, I will say, that Michael Buble was a close second for me. I know, SHOCKING! I had no idea I would ever say that, but was so surprised @ his performance. His voice, big band, the whole production – pretty darn good!! He sang A cappella to a silent packed crowd @ Excel to close his concert. Gave me chills – was pretty darn amazing!! Nice to go to something w/no expectations & be blown away! Nice memory for me & my daughter!! And finally, to close, I will tell you that I was saddened when my husband announced this week that we could have gone to the Garth concert on Thurs. eve for FREE!! His company had a box & the tickets were free! I’m not a huge country fan, but he also is a legend in my book & always puts on such an entertaining concert. Bummer!! Glad you enjoyed Bob, my BIL & SIL & some other friends were there also. Our friends say the mosh pit @ his concerts now look like an AARP convention – haha!! Another legend! Thanks for your blog. We, too, live in a 100+ yr old house so I enjoy checking your postings out!

    • Scoops November 20, 2014

      Hey Lynn! Yes, Bruce is so good isn’t here? That is so so awesome that you brought your kids to the show, I hope they were able to enjoy it. I’m not sure I would’ve at that age. I wanted to go see BOC too, I have a secret love affair with classic rock jams. Sounds like you have a big variety of music you like to see live, that is awesome. What a diss on that Garth concert, that would’v been a great show to see, even just for the spectacle of it all. Thanks for reading the blog, I’m glad that people like you stop by :)

  • meghanssj November 18, 2014

    Hi there Scoops,

    I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I originally started checking out your blog because of TPC (then I kept coming back because I love what you do here). They are an all-time favorite of me and my husband from back in our dating years. Going to shows is still a central part of our life, and a huge priority. We have quite a few bands that we’ll never miss when they come to town, that we’ll see back to back nights and that we’ll travel for. #1 on the list is Yo La Tengo. We’ve seen them lots, and traveled to Big Sur, CA and NYC to see them. We also saw them play back to back nights at the 400 Bar, when that was still a place. We also traveled to NYC to see Self early this year, when they played for the first time in about a decade. I adore the New Pornographers and never miss them. Same goes for Built to Spill, Architecture in Helsinki, Guided by Voices. I have been having a blast at all of the Har Mar Superstar shows, and fell in love with Lizzo as Har Mar’s CD release. We have tickets to the whole Doomtree Blowout, so I’m currently laying low and building up my strength to take in back to back nights of extreme high energy beats. It will be awesome.

    • meghanssj November 18, 2014

      How could I forget Low?? I just drove all the way to Winnipeg to see them. And the Walkmen! I bet other must-sees will keep popping into my head all day.

      • Scoops November 20, 2014

        Ha, I kinda like that drive to Winnipeg, sounds like a fun time. Hopefully you were there before it got really cold.

    • Scoops November 20, 2014

      Woah, Meghan. I had no idea, “an all-time-favorite”. That’s big, I’ll have to share this with Jeff, it will make his day. I like the New Pornographers new song that they play on the radio all the time, I don’t have them in my record collection at all, but I’m intrigued. Maybe it’s time I do that – especially with you and another reader sharing that they’re one of your favs. We love Lizzo too, and you probably know that Lazerbeak (aka Aaron Mader of TPC) does all the beats for the Lizzobangers. Holy Shit lady, the whole God damn Blow Out?? That is awesome. We will be there on the 5th and then again on the final night. Maybe we will actually run into each other for the first time??

      • meghanssj December 5, 2014

        Hey! Yes, we are TPC fans, now and always! We still put ’em on and get pumped up. Tell your husband if he would like it, it would be cool if he knew. I think I remember seeing you at shows actually, (from a half a mob behind) long before I knew who the heck you were.

        Lazerbeak and his other ventures are an interest to us because he’s awesomely talented. We love Doomtree and we liked Har Mar then he aligned with Lizzo, and then it unfolds. The Twin Cities rules.

        It’d be cool if we finally crossed paths for real some time! We have tix for tomorrow and the rest, but unfortunately might have to give them to a friend for next weekend’s shows, sad! Have fun with the Doomtree awesomeness. If I see ya, I’ll say hi!

        Ps. Though I love the New Pornographers, I’m guessing they’re maybe going to be too poppy for you. They fulfill a pop need for me, but lots of other bands, Hole, Pearl Jam, etc. among them are actually a rock-y-er place I usually abide.

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