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Friends! I decided to just start a whole new post called "Listen To It" because I need you to listen to this new Sleater Kinney record if you haven't already!! I started listening to Sleater Kinney at the tender age of 17, I was coming down from a severe pre-teen love of hardcore pop-punk and beginning to venture into the much mousier indie rock genre. Sleater Kinney fit the bill perfectly for READ MORE
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Bob Dylan and Stuff

Wut up buddies? Last week I got the opportunity to see one of my favorites, Bob Dylan, perform at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis for a three night stint. If you're not familiar with the Orpheum it's a small intimate 2,600 capacity venue. To have the opportunity to see Bob in Minneapolis, in such a small venue was not to be missed. I go to Bob Dylan shows with my dad exclusively. It's READ MORE
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Bruce Getaway : Atlanta

Jeff and I took a quick getaway this weekend to see Bruce Springsteen in Atlanta. It had been 18 months since the last time we had seem him. It's obvious that Bruce doesn't have his priorities straight. I mean, he's spent that entire 18 months touring the globe, and it didn't even seem to bother him that he hadn't seen me even once. Come on Bruce, what gives? When the band announced US dates READ MORE
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Hey Guys! Hope you are all doing awesome today. It is snowing hard here, but it's so much warmer than earlier this week, all is okay by me. I've gotten two walks in over the last 12 hours because I just need to get fresh air, and am desperate to be out of this house. I'm already thinking thoughts of spring, but am trying to suppress them because, winter after all is just a mind game. Anyway, READ MORE
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YES! You guys ready for another classic mix from yours truly? We're hitting the road this weekend, next stop Chicago, All aboard the Allen train! We're looking forward to seeing tons of old buddies and getting out of the house. You know I needed a road trip jamz to accompany us on our journey. This ones a good one, full of lots of midwestern bands and one midwestern record. Enjoy. Continue READ MORE
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