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Bruce Getaway : Atlanta

Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band Atlanta
Jeff and I took a quick getaway this weekend to see Bruce Springsteen in Atlanta. It had been 18 months since the last time we had seem him. It’s obvious that Bruce doesn’t have his priorities straight. I mean, he’s spent that entire 18 months touring the globe, and it didn’t even seem to bother him that he hadn’t seen me even once. Come on Bruce, what gives?

When the band announced US dates we knew that we were going, somehow, someway. Hot-lanta is easy to travel to from from Minneapolis, both are Delta hubs so tickets were affordable and flights are frequent. The show was on a weekend – it was a no-brainer.

The show was amazing! Bruce was a bit under the weather but decided to make it awesome for us by playing some deep cuts, incredible covers, and the best jamz from The River album, rather than running around the stage like a wild man (his typical steeze). It was super awesome and maybe even one of the best setlists of the entire tour.

Our luck still hasn’t run out, and we somehow manage to always get reasonably close in the pit. We were within high five distance of the band again! We were with a good group of fans, got to meet up with some of our old “Bruce Buddies,” and got friendly with new Bruce pals from Chattanooga. It was a great night! I always want more though, hopefully additional tour dates will be announced sometime in the coming months, fingers crossed.

I’ve only briefly been to Atlanta in the past. I suppose this visit was brief too, but we did get a bit of time to walk around the city, enjoy some tasty food, and spy a glimpse of spring. Holy cow, you Atlanta folks! I thought we had trees here, but you guys really live in a forest. Way to go on the beautiful lush city!

Now we’re home again, yours truly is sick with an intense cold, and it’s forecasted to be stormy and chilly all week. We’re still waiting for spring, but at least we got a little taste of summer. Shout-outs to my folks for spending the weekend with our boys – can’t thank you enough!

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  • Paula in MN April 28, 2014

    I haven’t seen him in concert since he was here for the Tunnel of Love tour. I’m thinking that was in the late 1980’s. I remember that Prince showed up at the concert as an ordinary concert-goer. And that’s about all I remember!!

    • Scoops April 30, 2014

      Paula! That sounds awesome!

  • jaime April 28, 2014

    I think all of my comments on your blog or Instagram are always related to Bruce. I saw him in Raleigh a few days before he played Atlanta and was seriously blown away. I could not hold still the entire concert and proceeded to listen on to his albums for about the next three days. [My husband was on Springsteen overload. I told him there is no such thing!] Glad you enjoyed the show!

    • Scoops April 30, 2014

      Jaime, Isn’t he the best? You can always talk to me about Bruce ;) Also, I agree with you, there is no such thing as too much Bruce!

  • Cristina May 6, 2014

    Bruce-lover here! How do you always seem to get into the pit? I’ve looked longingly at you lucky people from a little ways back but have never been that close. Tips and secrets, please! One of my fave nights of my life was seeing him at the Harley anniversary party on the lakefront in Milwaukee. Flippin’ amazing.

  • Scoops May 12, 2014

    Hey Cristina! It was all a mystery to me too and then I discovered the GA wristband lottery. The lottery is how the pit works for all US Bruce shows. You need a GA ticket to be eligible for the lottery and you have to have at least half a day dedicated to get in, but if you can do those two things, you will almost be guaranteed a good spot. I’ve touched Bruce a few times using this method ;) Here’s how it works, see you in the pit!!

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