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Dudes Crochet Too.

I work with this awesome kid/guy/dude Zack Pivec, who knows everyone and everything about MPLS including the grounds keeper at the new Twins stadium. Anyhow, I only hope Finn turns out half as cool as Zack.So the other day he comes into work with this hilarious awesome weird hat that he crocheted himself. I give you the handmade rasta-esque Twins beany cap? What???!!! Fucking Awesome. READ MORE
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Better Late than Never

So yeah, I just finished this pair of grey mittens. What can I say, work has been slow and I've had a lot of time on my hands (punny, ha!) and so far I haven't thought of any knitted items to make that would be appropriate for summer wear. However, I will now be mos def be prepared for the winter. Excellent (said in the voice of Wayne Campbell.)If anyone else is interested in keeping their hands busy READ MORE
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A Hat Comes Full Circle

I made this adorable little hat (and booties not pictured) for Flicka last spring before she was even born, her mom Urs just sent me some photos of Flicka modeling the goods. This hat is just about to be too small for this little lady.Don't forget that etsy is a great place to look for sewing and knitting patterns, most cost under $5 and are sent to your email via PDF within 24 hours. This is a great READ MORE
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Yay Me! I finally finished these socks!!! Wooohooo. I started the beauties back in November, got off track with other holiday knitting projects and finally I finished them last night. I do love these socks -- they look amazing. They are actually too cool. I might have to wear some sort of skirt or something horrible in order to show them off. I am noticing that I somehow made the toes a little differently. READ MORE
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So this is the stuff I have slowly been working on, I thought maybe if I posted something about it I'd give my self inspiration and motivation to finish it because I don't know how else I'm gonna do it.These granny squares are destined to become a new pillow for my couch IF I ever finish them. I started my squares because I missed the ease and the speed of crocheting, now I have a new project on my READ MORE
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