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Deuce Cities Henhouse

I got these birds on their sticks now. They seem pretty stoked about it! A good and smart friend of mine pointed out that babies are color blind until about 4 months of age. She suggested I stick some black and white birds up there to keep the baby's attention until those rods and cones are fully functioning. Duly noted. I used a wax coated linen thread to suspend the twigs. You could READ MORE
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Birds for Babes

I found this mobile at spoolsewing.com. I decided that I should try and whip one together so that when this new babe gets here she will have something pretty to look at while she is chillin' in her crib.Here is the stack of fabric that I'm going to build these birds from.Mill End Textiles sells Fat Quarters for $1.50. These are lovely bits of fabric that are the perfect size for smaller projects that READ MORE
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