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Deuce Cities Henhouse

A few posts ago I told you how I made some super delicious cupcakes for my lady Valeria's baby shower. Now that the shower is over it is safe for me to share with you the baby sling that I made for her.I had a ton of fabric left over from when I made Elsa's crib bumpers and the fabric is just too pretty to not use again so I resurrected the Pop Daisy fabric out of my fabric box and got to it.First READ MORE
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A Bag for Scoops.

WAY back in December, Alison had a Birthday. In honor of the day that Scoops came into this world, I cooked up this bag for her to keep her ever growing collection of yarns, skeins, hooks and things of that sort in. The outside felt is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. I think that is pretty cool. The inside fabric screamed "SCOOPS" to me so I just had to use it. Although it is not made of anything READ MORE
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Curtains For Certain

So. Here is the deal. My living room has been looking, well, let's say, not lived in, for I don't know how long....like probably forever. Mostly in the way of curtains. I have lived in my house for 5 years now and for 5 years it has looked like we could be packing up and moving out at any moment. When you don't have drapes, this is what people think. I FINALLY got off my arse and whipped up some simple READ MORE
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I Can Sew.

I grabbed my sewing machine from my mom's house on Tuesday night after picking up Finn for the day, where it had been sitting for the last few years. I tried to use it one time like five years ago and became overwhelmed by the bobbin, so I gave up. Now here I am five years later trying to figure out how to use this damn thing, and I haven't actually successfully sewn anything since I was 10 years old. READ MORE
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One Down, Three to Go.

I finished Finn's stocking last night! I'm glad that I was able to get the most important one done in time. I still need to crank out a stocking for "MOM" and a stocking for "DAD" then our little stocking family will be complete. I used an assortment of vintage patterns but mostly just scoured flickr for inspiration. I want these all to look handmade and vintage, and I think this one is successful. READ MORE
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