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Our Kids Are World Travelers Now!

This fall we embarked on our first international trip as a family. Jeff, myself and our two boys, Finn (11) and Gus (8) took two weeks and headed east to visit London UK, Moneglia Italy and Paris France. Traveling has always been important to Jeff and I and we've done a fair bit ourselves. It's always been a goal of ours to take our kids on at least one international family vacation before they get too old. The boys have done enough traveling in their short lives that they know what's expected of them. They understand that there's almost always something that goes wrong or is unexpected and you "have to be flexible!" They know they have to carry their own bags and help to be more responsible (than they normally are) for their own stuff, and they understand that traveling takes time. READ MORE
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Riding the Rails

We did something awesome as a fam two weekends ago – we headed out on a journey to our second favorite city, Chicago, via the old Empire Builder Amtrak line. None of us had ever gone on a domestic train trip at all, so it was all very new to us. Gus, our youngest, has had a heavy fascination with trains for the last year, so that was a major driver of the trip. And we like trains too, I mean, READ MORE
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Tulum Time!

Whazzzzzzup people? I'm back as promised with some pics -- okay, a lot of pics -- from our recent trip to the shores of beautiful Tulum, Mexico. Tulum is located in a jungle that is on an ocean a mere two hours south of Cancun. It's totally amazing and beautiful, the locals are wonderful and welcoming, the air is warm, the beaches are beyond compare and the food is excellent(tontitos). 'Tontitos' READ MORE
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