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Basement Bathroom : Week 5

Although I am right on schedule with this project, it feels like its taking forever! It's a semi-enjoyable, semi painful kind-of-forever, and I'm glad the payoffs make it seem worth it thus far. Let me get you guys up to speed. Since last week I tiled one side of the shower stall. It's not just one side though, it's one side with a soap niche. Who would have ever thought that one niche would READ MORE
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Basement Bathroom : Week 3-ish

Hey guys! Whazzup? Technically this is the start of week four, but I wanted to check in and let you know where I finished off after last week. I've completed all the subway tile around the sink area which consists of one large wall and two more narrow walls. The tiling went up pretty quickly after I got into a grove. I've said it like five times already, but that laser level has made tiling so READ MORE
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Basement Bathroom : Week 2

Hey friends, hope you are all doing okay. I meant to post earlier this week, but I just couldn't find the enthusiasm to do it. I've been making a lot of good progress on the basement bathroom since mindless distractions have been very welcome, and I'm feeling very confident in my decisions as I go along. I take that back, I'm feeling really amped up, and proud of how this is coming together! I'm READ MORE
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Basement Bathroom : Week 1

Hi guys. I actually started working on the basement bathroom. I mean how long have I been talking about this dumb bathroom? If you guessed one long stupid year, you're correct! I finally made my to-do list/timeline, purchased some supplies, ordered some tile, stopped being a baby about it, and actually began to do it. Yesterday was my first day of real work, so I guess this title is a little READ MORE
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A lot of you have probably never seen our most used bathroom – our second floor bathroom which all four of use every single day. It’s obvious that I haven’t ever given it much thought or care. Welcome to my most embarrassing post. A quick recap, I painted the vanity and tried to spruce up the towel bars a few years back, but honestly that’s all that we’ve done to this space... READ MORE
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