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Ireland & Bruce

We're back! Our quick trip to Ireland was super successful as you can see by the photo above. We were in Ireland for 5 days, we missed one flight, spent a total of 24 hours over a 48 hour period waiting in line to hang with Bruce Springsteen, we met a bunch of "Bruce Buddies" from all parts of the world, we got sunburns, we drank in pubs, we ate fish and chips, we saw some mummies, we visited READ MORE
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Finally the project that took FOREVER, is finally done and I can snuggle with Bruce in bed.Here he is hanging out on a chair, he looks good in all sorts of rooms in my house. I took the image from the cover on Darkness on the edge of TownI import the image into Adobe Illustrator and turn it into 3 tones, dark grey, light grey and white.And den, I grid it out. I've crocheted the background of the pillow READ MORE
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Yep, it's true, that totally is an awesome crocheted Bruce Springsteen pilllow you are looking at, well sort of. My original goal was to have this pillow done by tonight's Boss concert, but like all projects, they take about one million times longer than originally planned. Here is a picture of the tickets as proof that we are actually going. We're trying a new stratedgy tonight, we've bought the READ MORE
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