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Crocheted Bruce Springsteen Pillow
Finally the project that took FOREVER, is finally done and I can snuggle with Bruce in bed.

Crocheted Bruce Springsteen Pillow
Here he is hanging out on a chair, he looks good in all sorts of rooms in my house.

Bruce Springsteen Darkness on the edge of Town
I took the image from the cover on Darkness on the edge of Town

Bruce Springsteen
I import the image into Adobe Illustrator and turn it into 3 tones, dark grey, light grey and white.

Bruce Springsteen Grid
And den, I grid it out. I’ve crocheted the background of the pillow in white (85 single crochet stitches across x 85 rows = a really long fucking time.)

Crocheted Bruce Springsteen Pillow
Then I cross stitch the gridded pattern over the top, and a back and sew it all up.

And if anyone was wondering, we did make it into the pit at last week’s Springsteen show, and Rosie came out! It was awesome, thanks Bruce!

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  • Meghan January 28, 2018

    Why are there no comments on this? This is freakin incredible. You are so dang talented. Kudos!

  • Angela February 7, 2023

    Love it! I am thinking of a knit sweater. I’d have to make my own chart for my gauge. Nice work!

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