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OMG my bruce pillow is starting to ruleYep, it’s true, that totally is an awesome crocheted Bruce Springsteen pilllow you are looking at, well sort of. My original goal was to have this pillow done by tonight’s Boss concert, but like all projects, they take about one million times longer than originally planned.

Our tickets to the concert, Pit party, here we come!Here is a picture of the tickets as proof that we are actually going. We’re trying a new stratedgy tonight, we’ve bought the general admission tickets and in about 2 hours are going to head over to the venue to wait in line, and try our chances at getting into the pit (as they call it).

Step 1 So here’s the sped up version of the pillow, after about 4 weeks of casual working on my pillow while working on the job, I finally make it to the point where I have a solid 18″ x 18″ background.

Step 2Step 2. Let the cross stitching begin. It’s at this point that I’m not sure whether or not that after all this work this thing will really turn out or not. I cross stitch day and night and decide that I don’t think Bruce looks good with an afro.

Step 3Step 3. I add more hair and more face, he is starting to look much more like himself.

A close upStep 4. It pretty much looks like him! Success. Darkness on the Edge of Town era Bruce Springsteen I love you!

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  • Nilei December 7, 2010

    Wow, I love it! Good job =)

  • Cat G. July 23, 2011

    Amazing. Brilliant. Love it!

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