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Decked the Halls & A Giveway!

BROUGHT TO YOU IN PARTNERSHIP WITH BURKE DECOR We decided this year that we'd go all out on decorating our basement for the holidays instead of doing the main floor of the house as we normally do. I have to say I'm really excited about how the space all came together. I've put together a respectable collection of holiday decor over the years, and since a theme can change from year to year I have begun to get pretty neutral when purchasing seasonal decor. What do I mean by that? If it's READ MORE
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A Simple Thanksgiving Table

Hey peoples, hope all is well and that you are all doing well. Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? We are, and I'm really excited for it this year. That probably has a lot to do with this Thanksgiving being very small and intimate, I'm talking like four adults two kids intimate. Doesn't that sound kind of great? I'm NO good at decorating tables. I can never pull it together in just the right way to make it seem effortless. That being said, I feel like my luck is changing this year READ MORE
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Neutral and Cozy : Pillows & Throws

+++ sources +++ temoayan pillow cover | wool wrap pillow | zbase pillow | woven throw | vermillion throw | faux mohair plaid | victor pillow | fini pillow | toodle pillow | geometric wool blanket | faux fur sheepskin | crinkle throw Budz! I've got cozy on the brain, I mean how can you not? If you're here in the upper part of these United States of America, you should be feeling it too. When it comes to seasonal decorating I seem to be getting more and more minimal READ MORE
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New Chair Don’t Care

Friends! We decided to celebrate the basements first birthday by giving it a new side chair -- just what every one year old basement wants! Honestly, it didn't go down like that. It was my intention to have a mid-century orange swivel chair reupholstered in a dark blue (that was about a year ago). However, doing something like that takes initiative and action, and it was obvious that we (I) were not showing one sign of follow through. Clicking internet buttons is just way easier. So, it was READ MORE
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Coming Home to a New Rug

Hey Guys. Sorry for the radio silence. I didn't intend to be gone so long. The kids are on summer vacay, and now that everyone is kinda old, summertime has been really fun! The boys' friend Elsa is staying with us during the weekdays -- we've been spending mornings at the beach for swimming lessons, and evenings at the park for little league. I'm trying out that free range parenting thing, the kids are so grown up, its really been pretty wonderful to see them find pride in responsibility. READ MORE
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