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Wintery Exterior Decorating

What up pals? It's winter now so you should make your house pretty on the outside. Every year I get a little better at this winter decorating thing. It takes some practice, but once you figure it out it's fun and easy. Imma tell you a few things about what I know, cause this is a blog about house stuffz and thats what you probably come here for ;) The first rule is don't get all crazy with the decor. Adhere to a simple color palette bros, use one or two colors ONLY. Common winter colors are as follows; red, green, white, and tealish-bluish. Once you decide on a color theme, pair it with white black or a metallic - gold and silver can easily be used in place of white. If you want to get all granola-E like I did, pair it with something brownish and for a real slam dunk - made of burlap. Pick a style, as in country, modern, classic and stick with it. This is where you can use accents that represent your style. You'll find these cool accents at the garden center covered in glitter or at craft stores like Michaels. You'll want to have some texture in your containers. Achieve this by mixing it up. Use a few different greens and your box will be looking highly festive. It's all about the layers as demonstrated in the cool gif above. Popular Greens for Window Boxes and Containers: Dogwood Branches red or green Spruce Tips Pine Boughs Cedar Boughs Oregonia Red Huck Eucalyptus Silver Dollars Winter Berry Hydrangea Sedum Flower Pepper Berry Rose hips Holly This is what I used for my boxes: 20 stems Get the Scoop [...]
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Thinking About : Big Box Store Ceiling Fans

Friends! There is something that you may not know about me... I love sleeping with all of the fans on! Dudes, I am not even kidding around here, this is serious business! Not only do we have two ceiling fans in our master bedroom, but we also have an oscillating fan to boot. It's just the way it is. Don't judge. I never had the problem of needing a constant breeze in our bedroom prior to moving into our house. Our current bedroom just happened to come with two junky old ceiling fans with faux marble fan blades, and even though they were so ugly and gross, it didn't take me long to learn to love them. Fans just lull me to sleep now, I'm like a super lame baby who needs its blanket - so wut?! But wait! I can justify this craziness, the fans are actually practical! They keep the second floor of our house cool in the summertime, and warm in the winters - so now you can't hate me because they're sensible and economical. It just happens to be a bonus that they just feel so nice to lay under while I fade off into unconsciousness. There is absolutely no way we could live without them, even though I know they are the ugliest objects you could ever affix to a ceiling. So I'm in need of a matching set of somewhat affordable, somewhat attractive, white ceiling fans. I can't make this bedroom pretty and leave those ancient-ugly-beastly-fans on my ceiling. I can however make my bedroom pretty and replace old fans with newer, cleaner, kinda-sorta cooler fans. Here's my top 10 list for affordable big box store Get the Scoop [...]
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It’s Spray Painting Season!

You guys, it's that magical time of year where we can just venture outside and spray paint the heck out of anything we want. I have been marveling at the power of spray paint ever since I started using it in my kitchen makeover to make small improvements with hardware. It's amazing stuff. I've been eagerly waiting for the opportunity to get outside and spray paint a few things, and it finally happened this week! We had a couple of days with temperatures in the 40's! Planters and pots can be expensive - lots of times as expensive as the plant if not more. Clay pots however are very inexpensive, usually they are less than $4 for a pot and tray depending on what size you get. I'm no newbie to spray painting clay pots, I've painted a few in matte black this fall, and so far the results are all positive. There has been no unexpected blistering from moisture or anything like that, so I figured I'd give it go and give these pots a dipped look. I masked off the tops of the pots and spray painted the trays and bases. It was super easy. I applied two coats of paint. I also painted this cheap-o lamp I picked up at Target earlier this month. It's not bad in the enamel grey, but I thought it would look way better in satin white, so I painted that too! See! Easy! Everything is masked and painted. I didn't use any guidelines when masking the pots, just picked a spot and taped around the top. I didn't even care if it was even! I know, I know, I am so crazy. The lamp is my fav, I love it painted white! Don't Get the Scoop [...]
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Hit by Rug Love

Hey guys! I just got the new West Elm catalog in the mail yesterday, and guess what I saw? This super cool Kilim rug in coral and white! I was shot through the heart, you guys! You know the first thing I'm gonna do is photoshop it into the sunroom to see how it could possibly, potentially, maybe work. Now I wasn't really on the look-out for a rug for the sunroom, I was pretty satisfied with the way this cream shag rug that I pulled out of storage was looking (below) - and still could be. I really love how clean and white and airy everything is right now. However, I was on the hunt for something coral to tie in some of the pink and coral accents from our bedroom which share the same space with the sunroom. I'm kind of in love but also kind of on the fence. I think this Kilim rug would be a great compliment to the black and white Moroccan shag rug I currently have in the bedroom, but is the cream shag rug all I need? Whadda ya think? Should I go for it, or should I stick with the cream shag? While you're thinking about that, I'll think about considering to possibly start thinking about painting in the sunroom ;) Get the Scoop [...]
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Thinking About : B&W Pillows

Hey Guys! If you've been following along, you know that I've been working hard on updating the sunroom off our master bedroom over the last few weeks. You may have noticed that the photos I shared last week mostly featured black and white pillows. You also may have noticed that all of those pillows are from my living room. That's how I roll, always moving stuff around my house and constantly redecorating. However, my living room is crying, and it needs its pillows back. I really love the look of black and white against the newly reupholstered navy sofa, and I'd like to find some new black and white pillows to add to my growing collection. Having accessories in the same color story makes rearranging my home super easy, which I seem to have a hopeless addiction to, obviously. Here's a list of my current favorite black and white pillows. I wish I could have them all, but that would be crazy, and I wouldn't have any money left. 1Black Mini Triangle Pillow from Ferm Living Shop 2Diamond in the Rough Pillow from Forage Modern 3Laplljung Cushion from Ikea 4Gran Cushion Cover from Fine Little Day 5Merry Mosaics - Cover me Up Cushion Cover from House of Rym 6Maze from Target 7Pendleton Wool Pillow from Robin Cottage on Etsy 8Mountain Pillow from Thief and Bandit on Etsy 9Gent Cushion from Marika Giacinti Get the Scoop [...]
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