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My Picks from Target Patio


Friends of the internet. I am aware that I totally just ghosted you for a month. Winter is dumb and it messes with me, and I get in a funk and then I can’t bring myself to do anything.

Today I felt inspired, so I thought sharing a few of my favorite things from Target’s patio sale might help me break through (psst, the sale ends tomorrow so get to it!). Let me start by saying it went from 50 some degrees yesterday morning to straight up blizzarding today, that’s supposed to be funny, right? I don’t know what else to do at this point except to give winter the finger and move on. Sharing my dreams about patio furniture and thinking of being outside is my version of an F.U. to the weather.

I’ve had a lot of times I’ve wanted to post on the blog lately. For instance, I just started cleaning my backyard up for spring and I wanted to share all of my tips with you, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Feeling this way is so dumb. I’d really like to take you step-by-step through my process, and I want to share a post all about it soon. Plus I have an update for you on my fence, a post about ceiling medallions, and another outlining how I painted my super high stairwell without killing myself in the process. I just need to get my head in the game!

Like I mentioned, I just started cleaning my backyard up for spring. I’ve noticed that a lot of our patio furniture is starting to show wear and tear and I’ve been thinking that it’s time to pass it on down the line and get our backyard whipped into shape. It’s part of my 2019 goals to spend more time in the backyard and do a better job of maintaining my garden this year. When I got a notification that Target has a sale today a quick click over turned into a few hours perusing the site, the deals are just so good, and any order over a $100 gets $20 off with the promo code SPRING. Here’s a tip, I filled my cart a few times and checked out because the code SPRING only works once per $100 order, so if you feel like spending part of your tax refund like we did, save yourself some cash and use that code in multiple carts.

Above are all my favs and what made it to my shopping cart! I’m excited about it all, but I am def most excited about getting a new patio dining set. I’ve admired the Standish collection for awhile, and this sale was just the kick in the pants I needed to pull the trigger on the dining set. I’m also going to grab two new modern adirondack chairs for our fire pit area. I really am excited about the chairs because they are made out of a more durable “polywood” and they are guaranteed not to fade and are weather resistant, so it shouldn’t be a problem leaving them outside all winter long. I’m having trouble deciding if I should get them in black or white. I’m also purchasing a new rug for our lounging patio as well, I had such a hard time choosing between the two outdoor rugs I pictured above. Guess which one I landed on?

Alright, go get shopping and rage against this winter shit. See ya soon!

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  • Steff April 10, 2019

    I really want to know how you did the stair well! I am cursed with a scary high stair well in a hideous color…

    • Scoops April 11, 2019

      Great! This is good to know that you’re interested. I’ll post about it soon, I promise. It’s still scary, but how I did it makes it seem more secure, just don’t look down.

  • cassie April 11, 2019

    Few thoughts… I used your fence dude last summer(yay!) and wonder if I should indeed stain also — or not. Wondering about the wear after a few years versus all the splinters i’ll get staining. Also, I think it’s comforting and empowering how DesignMom talks about her depression and struggles with mental health. Maybe you’d like reading her and reader’s comments as well? Lastly, we’re back in our StPaul home after living away 5 yrs, and my kids are TEENS now!, so i’ve wanted to make it fresh, us, but different for this round. I’ve loved watching you put your Mpls and WI places together, thanks for walking us through it, both for pleasure and inspiration. Okay I gots to go shovel now, ya know, people do that on April 11th? (Eff that nursery rhyme that says April showers bring May flowers)

    • Scoops April 11, 2019

      Hey Cassie! I’m going to spend my afternoon writing up a post all about our fence, I still get lots of questions every season, and I wanted to give a refresh to those who are knew or found me because of THE FENCE! I was going to also include the history of my staining process – and good news for you, I don’t think I ever got a splinter. I’ll check out DesignMom, I’ve never been a reader of hers, but I’d like to see other peoples POV on the matter. Thank you for letting me know that you enjoy what I put out there, and welcome back to the Twin Cities, we’re happy to to have ya! I refuse to look out my windows today.

  • Tania April 11, 2019

    Timely post! I too am cursed with a high stairwell, with new drywall that needs painting. I primed it last weekend, and am tackling two coasts of paint this coming weekend. I used an edging tool on a pole — the results were…passable. Would love to hear your approach.
    Also! I’ve been eyeing those modern Adirondack chairs for a while! Thanks for the heads-up re: the sale and the pro tip to check out with multiple carts ;) I was leaning towards black, but worry they’d get too hot in the sun, so I ordered the white. Which did you end up choosing?

    • Scoops April 12, 2019

      Hey Tania! I thought about using a pole for edging but I just wasn’t confident I could do it. I feel like the pole would have too much bounce and I wouldn’t get a good edge. I’ll share the post next week, I promise. I was so torn on black or white for the chairs. I love our white chairs now, but I think I was just ready for a change. I went black, and I hope they won’t be too hot. I thought they might do a better job of covering up staining overtime from leaves, or bird crap but who knows!?. You’ll love your white ones!

  • Ashley April 16, 2019

    I cannot tell you how often that I check your blog to see your spring gardening sitch… it’s embarassing lol. So looking forward to your garden clean up and beautiful photos of everything coming in!

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