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Ice Cream Layer Cake

For Gus' birthday this year I decided to try something other than your standard issue birthday cake. Being that Finn's birthday is only 13 days before Gus', I didn't really want to spend my entire month of July making cake and ice cream (although I kind of did). A little back story for ya: My brother and I grew up with our birthdays only 3 days apart. There were a few rare occasions when my mom would try and combine our birthday's together into one big celebraish. Although I totally understand why she did this I did not like it. Fast forward 29 years and here you have me with 2 kids who's birthdays are back-to-back. Obviously, I never anticipated having kids with such close birthdays, but I knew that I had to do everything within my power to give them separate special experiences, especially because I always gave my mom such a hard time about it, and she always delivered on two separate birthdays. Even if it almost killed her. That being said, it was time to step up the cake game and give them both a unique cake-spierience, cause they are both unique and individual dudes. This year (just like all the others) Finn has made a request for his all time fav: chocolate cake with chocolate chips and chocolate frosting followed up with a side of homemade vanilla ice cream. Gus' cake needed to be different, for his sake, as well as the sake of our returning birthday guests. I was going over all the different cake options in my head, and then dawned on me; I should make a layered ice cream cake! Yes, so smart Get the Scoop [...]
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Hanging Outdoor Party Lights

Over the winter, my old man and I did something pretty dumb. Let me start by saying we had really good intentions. We wanted to make a new annual Allen Christmas tradish and burn down our Christmas tree the day after New Year’s day, duh. It sounded like a cool and fun idea, and it made for a good excuse to drink some brews and have a winter fire in the backyard. I tried to think responsibly and logically about this; I knew the Christmas tree was dry, so I figured I’d cut it into quarters, and we could burn it in sections to minimize the blaze. That sounds reasonable to me. Unfortunately, even quartered dried-up pine trees like to burn fast and huge no matter what, like in a almost burn your house down sort of way. See below: We were lucky that we didn’t burn the house down. Jeff was super manly and grabbed the burning tree and threw it out into the middle of the yard before any major damage was done. We did however lose a few strings of our beloved party lights. They were melting the second that tree caught fire. The lights have sat lifeless and out of commission for the rest of the winter :( Have no fear, spring is here (or whatever the eff you wanna call it). I thought it would be a good time to get those party lights hung back up so we’d be ready for spring time back yard hang seshes. When I first hung the party lights I never thought that they would become a permanent fixture in the backyard. We were having some buddies over for a BBQ and I thought it would be fun to have some cool lights to illuminate Get the Scoop [...]
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Yeah, You Probably Need a Holiday Bar Cart

Cool, I am excited! It's holiday time, and that means party time! In anticipation of all the impending imbibing I will be taking part in the coming weeks, I took it upon myself to put together a nice little bar cart (table). If you recognized that bar table as the side table from the living room you win! This poor table is currently homeless because we have a huge Christmas tree taking its place next to the couch. What does a girl do with a side table just roaming around her house?, well I will tell you what... She makes an awesome bar out of it, duh. I am a hoarder of glassware, just ask my dining room buffet. It's brimming with the stuff. So, it was easy for me to go through and find my most favorite tumblers and champagne coupes to put on display. Guess what? I also hoard booze, and it was even easier to open up the liquor cabinet and find the prettiest bottles to put on my circular white tray. Booze and glassware just happen to be the two key ingredients to making a cocktail, and to making a bar, so yeah, this is all coming together pretty nicely. Other things you may consider getting for your bar include; cocktail shaker(s), an ice bucket, a citrus zester, some lemon and limes, a mortar and pestle, a large assortment of glassware, and don't forget the mixers such as tonic water, soda water, sparkling water, coke, and lime juice. Finally, to add some holiday vibes and bring in some height I painted this stick white, put it in a vase, and threw some ornaments on it. Total tyteness achieved! Get the Scoop [...]
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Party Lights!

Get your party vibes on with some cool party lights.

In honor of hanging with our bros, Joel and Katrina last weekend we hung some party lights. We weren’t certain how long these lights would stay around but now that they are giving off such cool party vibes I think we’ll keep them for the summer. I grabbed some globe lights last time I was at Target for a cool $12.99 per 20 foot strand. A super cool improvement on our otherwise boring nighttime backyard zone. I highly recommend it if your backyard is lacking something.

Happy weekend everyone!

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3 Easy and Inexpensive Party Decorations

I just wanted to take a sec and share with you a few inexpensive party decorations that are easy and quick to do, and totally will improve your party vibes. For Cam's shower I needed to bring my pink game, so I was all about finding easy ways to have pink shades show up all around my garden. A super easy thing to do is go in your garage and grab an old clay pot or two, or three, or ten, and spray paint them white. Then with a $3.50 jar of neon pink paint, paint the bottom for instant color-blocking-coolness . Fill those suckers with flowers and you have an quick and easy centerpiece for less than the cost of a bouquet of flowers. You can't have a party without some refreshments. And if you're gonna have refreshments you probably need some party straws. There are all sorts of suppliers out there who sell paper straws. I always go straight to etsy for my cutesie party supply needs. I found these guys for $7.50 over at the seller Pretty Little Party. I already have a collection of washi tape, and if you don't you should get some. It makes tons of everyday things way awesomer. I hang all my kids artwork and stuff with it, love it more than magnets. Anyway, I always buy mine from Pretty Tape, another Etsy seller. Once you have your tape and your straws, just wrap some tape around the straw, and cut out your "notched banner flag shape" with a scissors. Easy. Lastly, I couldn't resist grabbing some crepe paper when I was at the party store. I didn't know if I was gonna use it or not, but I figured I could Get the Scoop [...]
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