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Birthday Panorama 2
On Saturday we celebrated Finn’s first birthday with an afternoon barbeque. The BBQ includes bean bags, potato salad, brats, burgers, beans and birthday cake.

Rainbow cake
I’ve been planning Finn’s party for a few weeks, but as with all parties, there is a mad rush the night before to get everything done in time. I spend most of Friday night trying to get a rainbow cake and cupcakes baked while frantically cleaning and putting the final touches on all the other projects I’ve started.

A mess
The clock is ticking, AHHHHHH.

Finn 1st Birthday Cake
Finally, and luckily I finish the cake around midnight. It’s not without some major problems though. I originally bake 4 tiers, 3 for the cake and one for back up, the finished cake ends up being 2 tiers. Around 11pm everything fell apart, literally. After a few tears and a couple swears I was able to salvage the cake.

Things are no longer falling apart but quickly falling into place.

Finn's Birthday Banner
I’ve been working on this Birthday banner for a few weeks. It will be used year after year.

The dessert table
The dessert table. Looking good.

Flowers & Finn
I make an early morning dash to the farmer’s market and score a ton of flowers for not a ton of money.

The party from above
Here’s a view from a sattelite, just kidding, I took this photo from the window in Finn’s room.

Crepe paper balls
The backyard is all done up with crepe paper balls.

Friend Table!
All of Finn’s friends, who happen to be adults and work at the Green Mill, show up to wish Finn a happy Birthday.

Finn's #1
Finn knows he’s #1!

Decisions, decisions
Finn ends up not wanting to eat cake at all. Hopefully by age 2 he will realize he’s missing out.

Slice of Rainbow Cake
The cake revealed.

Rainbow cupcake

Finn and his Dad @ his 1st Partay
Finn chills with his Dad.

Chalkboard Wishes
Birthday wishes for an awesome 1 year old.

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