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Wedded June 2003
It’s not every day you get to celebrate your 8th wedding anniversary so I just wanted to take a second to say Happy Anniversary to my guy (and yes he does have a face, don’t let the above wedding photo fool you). We started dating at the ripe old age of 17 and got married 4 and a half years later because we were young and crazy and couldn’t stand not being married one second longer. Now we’re almost 30, almost parents 2 times over, world travelers, party prime graduates, and adults for the most part. Love you hon, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of growing up with you.

The Fishbowl Graveyard 2007
2007 – The fish bowl graveyard post Twins game.

Ireland 2007
2007 – Ireland

June 2011
2011 – 8 years deep.

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  • megan d June 14, 2011

    this was super sweet! happy anniversary to you both!

  • Scoops June 14, 2011

    Thanks dude!

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