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The Cabin – I love this Place

Cabin Decor Part 1
We spent a quick 48 hours at our good friends, Matt & Katie’s, family cabin last weekend. This cabin has become one of my favorite places on earth. Over the many adventures to the cabin, I have fallen hard, for it’s cute-kitschy-cabin-decor. So much so, that I sometimes see versions of it in my own house – I mean, I have a Minnesota plate collection and am working on building up my pheasant themed barware stash. Anyway, I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos during our last trip.

Cabin Decor Part 3
We love this place so much that we’ve been trying to make our front porch into a mini version of the cross lake cabin. We’ve are now proud owners of a few scenic paint by numbers, a vintage beer can collection, and one awesomely bad ass wood-veneer-duck painting.

Cabin Decor Part 2
Cabins man, they’re woodsy. Also, pine cone curtains!, how could you go wrong with pine cone curtains? And what about guest books?, let’s all start buying guest books for our houses.

Cabin Decor Part 6
The 4 essentials to a successful cabin experience; fire, booze, games & antlers (lighting for the late night dinners and game seshes of course).

Cabin Decor Part 5
So is the affection just a Minnesota thing? I mean everyone in this state has a family with a cabin or a friend with a cabin. We all know all about cabins, is this why it seems acceptable to me to bring this style back into my house? Do other places have cabins, Vermont, you must have cabins, do you decorate them the same way, or is it more of a classy New England cottage sort of a vibe?

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