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Backyard Hammock

Arc Stand with Nicaraguan Hammock | Deuce Cities Henhouse
Guys! Check out the best new thing to happen to happen to my backyard dream scene. My new hammock, lovingly given to me by my boys for Mo’s day (aka Mother’s Day). I’e been thinking a hammock could be a really great addition to the backyard for the last year or so, I just wasn’t sure about the size. Our yard isn’t that big, and the lawn is valuable real estate. There are baseball games, soccer fields, bocce ball courts, croquet courses and wrestling matches that need to have room to be played on the lawn. Although I’d love to turn it all into gardens, the boys need their green space and I don’t want to impose on their lawn. We decided that if a hammock were to be purchased it could be tucked into the yard in the corner, nestled in right next to the crab apple tree, which just so happened to be blooming, “thanks, tree”.

The hammock is a little imposing, but I think generally it adds so much pretty to the yard that it’s worth it.

Last year I got tuned into Nicaraguan hammocks, and I knew that if ever there were to be a hammock for me, it would be one of those. Then after visiting Tulum this winter, I really knew hammock-time was in my future. I almost purchased a hammock in Tulum, but not knowing where I would put it, or how I would hang it, I decided to pass.

I spent hours researching hammock frames and hammocks before I came up with a combination I felt confident about. I purchased the hammock here, it was the best sized Nicaraguan hammock I could find to fit my 14′ arc frame. This was one of the only 14′ cypress arc frames that I could find that sold separately without a hammock. From what I could tell, there are basically two or three companies that make these arc hammocks in different sizes and wood varieties – the frames are sold wholesale to all sorts of catalog websites with different hammock combinations, so you just have to dig around the net for the best deal.

So far, so good with the hammock. I spent a few hours hanging in it with my boys mother’s day weekend. It can fit me and two young bros, and the kids can climb in and out of it easily. The hammock is anchored to the frame on all four corners so I don’t have to worry about those dudes tipping out of it – or what is more likely – they try to flip it on purpose.

Arc Stand with Nicaraguan Hammock | Deuce Cities Henhouse Arc Stand with Nicaraguan Hammock | Deuce Cities Henhouse

Arc Stand with Nicaraguan Hammock | Deuce Cities Henhouse
My favorite part is the crocheted edges, perfect for the garden-dream-scene.

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  • katie May 12, 2015

    I’m curious about hammocks too, and also have a small yard. where do you move it when you need to mow? Where do you store the frame during winter??

  • Scoops May 12, 2015

    Good questions, Katie! It wasn’t heavy to move it out the way when I mowed this weekend, so I don’t foresee that being a problem. I just moved it to the side and then moved it back after mowing that area. As far as winter goes, I will either cover it with a tarp OR I will disassemble it and store it in my garage. That was part of the reason I choose this frame, it breaks down into three equal parts and assembles in less than half an hour. I disassemble my patio table every winter too, and store it in the garage.

  • Abby May 12, 2015

    That is GORGEOUS!!
    Spot on!

  • Staci May 12, 2015

    So dreamy! Love it.

  • Debbie May 12, 2015

    Beautiful hammock. With your active boys and your own energy level you probably won’t spend a lot of time in the hammock! Enjoy!

  • Juliet May 13, 2015

    Yay for you!! It’s beautiful and romantic. Enjoy!

  • AnnMarie May 16, 2015

    Your hammock looks like an amazing backyard “vacation” spot. I love the pairing of the frame with the lacy-ness of the hammock, too. And your garden and fence really make it stand out. ^_^

  • Mano June 18, 2016

    you have such a beautiful backyard. its really awesome.

  • inside hammock chair June 20, 2016

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