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Deuce Cities Henhouse

Hey Guys! Whad-up? Thing are nuts around here. The kids finished school last week, the basement is finally getting started tomorrow, I'm in a panic because my Japanese Maple is dying, and my house looks like a complete shit show. Hope your week is more contained then mine. I wanted to share this cool kid-gift with you last Friday, but things got so insanely busy I just ran out of time. I hope READ MORE
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Bros! Check it out, you can now find Deuce Cities HenHouse in App form. Isn't that the coolest? It's packed with all the same info you can find on the blog, but is super well organized and slick to use on your phone. The cool folks over at DWNLD helped me get this app and running. DWNLD is an app itself and it allows people of the world to customize their content and get it easily transformed READ MORE
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Whazzup guys? I didn't really plan on taking a week off, but then I guess I wasn't really being realistic either. The kids are on spring break this week, plus I've been babysitting one of their little pals. I am ready for them all to be back in school, I swear they're ganging up on me. It's hard to believe I used to do this all-day-kid-watching-thing full time. I thought I could manage it all but READ MORE
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Partnering with Ace Hardware

Yo, bros. I am not even lying when I tell you that one of my favorite places in the whole entire world is the neighborhood hardware store. I've said this out loud many times. I seriously love it there! My career ambitions after my kids both start going to school full-time are to work at the hardware store, among all of the wonderful things one might ever need or want. My local hardware store READ MORE
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Crafty as Eff

Sometimes one of your best budz might be getting married, and you might be invited to a sexy bachelorette party, and because talking about underwear in public in front of strangers sometimes makes you shy, you might decide to just make lingerie out of beer boxes, because honestly, it would just be much funnier. It took me a few days to assemble this strange woven masterpiece, but it was totally READ MORE
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