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Go To Kid Gift - Fort Kit
Hey Guys! Whad-up? Thing are nuts around here. The kids finished school last week, the basement is finally getting started tomorrow, I’m in a panic because my Japanese Maple is dying, and my house looks like a complete shit show. Hope your week is more contained then mine.

I wanted to share this cool kid-gift with you last Friday, but things got so insanely busy I just ran out of time. I hope the whole summer isn’t like this. ANYWAY, the “Fort Kit” is my favorite go-to kids present, because it’s easy and fun, can be personalized and DUH, kids lurve forts!

Target basically has you covered for all the supplies you’ll need for a kit. Start with getting a container, I was able to score this wire box in the storage section and it even came with the number ‘3’ on it – which was a good thing because the gift was for an actual three-year-old. Then I swung by the bedding section and found a king sized flat sheet. Next I headed over to the dollar section – this is where the magic happens. Fill that puppy full of candy, coloring books, cups, glow-sticks, bubbles, and whatever other wonderfulness you might find over there. Finish it off with a bunch of colorful clips (also from the $1 section) and your prez will be good-to-go.

Ta-da, Birfday Magik.

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  • cliare fauvel June 9, 2015

    That email to let you know ,that I have several dwarf japonese maples, the dealer who sold them to me , said that during the 3 to 4 first years they need to be protected from a microscopic mushroom which can kill them.
    In France over here , the product to fight the microscopic mushroom is named “aliette” probably you could find an equivalent in the US ?
    it s a powder to blend with water, I pour the water on the ground around the maple and also spray it.
    I saved my japonese maple trees that way. When they were sick , the leaves turned brown and dried.
    Hope that may be it can help- thank you for your lovely blog- claire

    • Scoops June 10, 2015

      Thanks for the info on the maple. Mine appears to have a fungus growing from within that’s slowly killing it branch by branch. I’ve had to remove half of the upper section of the tree in an attempt to save the rest of it. So far things are holding steady, but I am so sad that my tree had to take such a blow. I am going to do some more research on systemic fungicide that I can use to combat fungus that may be in the ground.

  • Sid June 10, 2015

    Condolences on the maple – hope you get that figured out in time to save it :(
    LOVE the fort idea. Love. Please feel free to share more of these type of gift ideas!

  • CAM June 10, 2015

    That 3 year old loves her fort!

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