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Partnering with Ace Hardware

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Yo, bros. I am not even lying when I tell you that one of my favorite places in the whole entire world is the neighborhood hardware store. I’ve said this out loud many times. I seriously love it there! My career ambitions after my kids both start going to school full-time are to work at the hardware store, among all of the wonderful things one might ever need or want. My local hardware store is an Ace, so when the marketing team for Ace reached out to me and asked me to be on the Ace 2015 blogger panel I couldn’t say YES fast enough. You may have noticed I don’t do a lot of sponsored posts around these parts. That’s because a lot of the sponsors I get presented with aren’t usually products that I use on the day-to-day and I’m a bad liar. But Ace, now that’s a different story. I was jealous when I saw Yellow Brick Home working with them last year. I wanted to know what I had to do to get in on that.

So what does this means for the blog? It means that Ace will sponsor a post once a month for 2015. Ace has a few pre-determined topics that I’ll involve in the posts, but really the content is all up to me. I can make it whatever I want, isn’t that great? The Ace post topic-to-do list reminds me of an art-school-college syllabus and I’m super excited about having to be creative and make the most of these posts. Plus because Ace is awesome there will be lots of cool giveaways for you guys. I’m so stoked!

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  • Meg January 29, 2015

    Ace is my choice in local hardware stores too. I’m in pretty much every weekend since I bought my house last October and at this point, they know my name. Love Ace. So glad you’ll be working with them!

    • Scoops January 29, 2015

      Isn’t that the best feeling! I think it might be better than a bartender knowing your name. It’s like being in the cool kids club.

  • Kim // Yellow Brick Home January 29, 2015

    Hooray! So happy you’re on the team, too. You’re so right about the syllabus thing, and I never thought about it that way until you said that!

    • Scoops January 29, 2015

      Yes! I am happy to be on the team! I wasn’t kidding, I was seriously jealous of you guys, I just love my Ace Hardware store so much. Congrats on your second year!

  • Marti | Project Palermo January 29, 2015

    Bad ass! Congratulations on an awesome partnership – that post topic-to-do list sounds like great motivation.

    • Scoops January 29, 2015

      Yeah! I think it will be, it’s going to be tough to get projects turned around so quickly but I think it will be really satisfying and fun!

  • AnnMarie January 29, 2015

    Over the blogs I read, a few have been sponsored by Ace — Yellow Brick Home and Chris Loves Julia are the two that spring immediately to mind, but there are others (Making It Lovely, maybe?). I’ve generally been impressed by how Ace handles their sponsorships. I’ve never felt them pushing bloggers or readers into doing anything, and I really appreciate that. I’m not the kind of person that likes to be pushed into trying / buying things, and my general opinion on fancy new products is that unless they cook me breakfast in bed, it’s not worth getting too excited about. It seems that Ace gives bloggers a lot of freedom, too, which means the resulting product reflects the personality and style of the blog.

    Bottom line: Ace is great! I’m excited for you and can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

    • Scoops February 4, 2015

      I agree Annmarie, I think Ace has been really smart about their marketing. They are still a neighborhood hardware store and a chain, but they’ve kept their business when big box stores ruled by being sincerely helpful and welcoming to their customers. They don’t feel like a chain store, they feel like a neighborhood hardware store! To partner with bloggers and build a community rather than sponsor for just the links is the right move for this kind of store. I have to say, in the few weeks we’ve worked together it’s been great. They really do give us (bloggers) all the freedom and support we need to make good posts with their products.

  • Celene January 30, 2015

    This is so funny!!! I just spent all morning at my Ace, getting supplies for a new project. I came home to have lunch with my hubs and told him that next year when our boy gets his license, I am going to get a job at the hardware store! You have talked in the past about the intimidation we ladies can feel at the big box stores, NEVER is the case at any Ace I have frequented. I am happy to pay a little more to get the help and encouragement they provide. I love your blog and congratulate you on your new sponsorship!!! Hope that you will have a very successful new relationship on your hands!!!

    • Scoops February 4, 2015

      Yes! You should get a job there! Me too! – Ace had never made me feel intimidated, my guys know me when I come in too, and it is the coolest feeling. They always ask me if I need help with anything but they know that I know exactly where everything is in that store already, I’m sure your the same way. Thanks so much!

  • Allison January 30, 2015

    Ohmigosh, so exciting! I too was all, how do they swing that, so awesome?!? Cant wait to see what you and our friends at Ace have in store. Congrats, lady.

    • Scoops February 4, 2015

      Thanks so much! I was so surprised and happy when they asked me. I’m fortunate that I got on their radar somehow.

  • cassie February 1, 2015

    so excited to meet you and to be on this team with you!

    • Scoops February 4, 2015

      Same to you! Looking forward to seeing what we all come up with this year!

  • Shavonda February 6, 2015

    Sooooo excited for you Allison. You and a few of my other favs are on the team and Im so so happy. Cant wait to see all your projects

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