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Whazzup guys? I didn’t really plan on taking a week off, but then I guess I wasn’t really being realistic either. The kids are on spring break this week, plus I’ve been babysitting one of their little pals. I am ready for them all to be back in school, I swear they’re ganging up on me. It’s hard to believe I used to do this all-day-kid-watching-thing full time. I thought I could manage it all but it turns out there was just NO way productive posting was gonna happen this week.

I do have one pretty cool thing to share. I was featured in this months edition of Adore Home Magazine! Adore is an online magazine so you can all cruise over here to take a look, plus this month issue is all about the bloggers, there’s pages and pages of eye candy and links to good reads.

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  • BettyLou April 3, 2015

    You should be very proud of yourself – what an accomplishment!

    Really –

  • Nicole April 4, 2015

    Oh Scoops–that’s just amazing! Can’t say that I’m surprised though. Seriously–what CAN’T you do?! This blog and house of yours are little jewels in a sea of “stuff” out there. Very special and obviously the products of a lotta work and love–and talent of a rare kind. Congrats!!

    • Scoops April 6, 2015

      Awh, Nicole. Thanks so much! I do really, really love to take care of this house, it’s really amazing to get recognized for it.

  • AnnMarie April 4, 2015


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