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Crafty as Eff

Sometimes one of your best budz might be getting married, and you might be invited to a sexy bachelorette party, and because talking about underwear in public in front of strangers sometimes makes you shy, you might decide to just make lingerie out of beer boxes, because honestly, it would just be much funnier. It took me a few days to assemble this strange woven masterpiece, but it was totally READ MORE
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Signs of Spring

Yes! You, guys! It finally feels like spring around here! I know some of you guys in other parts of the country and world have been experiencing spring for weeks already. Not us, but in Minnesota it could always be worse. We still have a few colder days ahead of us, but it's warmed up enough to melt all the snow and even a few buds are starting to appear on the trees and bushes. I have been READ MORE
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A New Look!

Yeah, Buddies! Oh what a stressful week it has been. I've mentioned that I love coding css, but I absolutely dread dealing with all the technical wordpress-y stuff. I think that awful website experiences just think I am so cool, that they just love hanging out with me. Sunday was supposed to be the big day that I installed my new site on a new wordpress theme, but the internet had a different READ MORE
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Fine Little Kids Sweatshirts!

Guys! Did you happen to see that the Fine Little Day Shop has been stocked full of kids sweatshirts in the Graf and Ant patterns? Uh, yaaaah, I love these. Right now, I am totally of jealous of kids, they get to eat mac n' cheese and chicken nuggets all day long, they take naps whenever they want, and they can wear these cool sweatshirts. If you are looking for that last minute kids gift I highly READ MORE
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Tyte Jeff is Super Tyte.

Hey guys! Just had to share this quick, cool thing with you. My old man, Mr. Jeff Allen (aka Tyte Jeff) has been working on writing and recording some cool songs over the last year. Jeff had spent 10 years in an indie rock band, that had some local and national success called, The Plastic Constellations. After a five year hiatus he just couldn't stand to not making songs anymore. At the beginning READ MORE
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