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Tyte Jeff is Super Tyte.

Tyte Jeff is totally Tyte
Hey guys! Just had to share this quick, cool thing with you. My old man, Mr. Jeff Allen (aka Tyte Jeff) has been working on writing and recording some cool songs over the last year. Jeff had spent 10 years in an indie rock band, that had some local and national success called, The Plastic Constellations. After a five year hiatus he just couldn’t stand to not making songs anymore. At the beginning of last year he made it his goal to get six songs recorded, which he did! Now, he’s starting to play shows, and will be releasing an awesome EP in January. I’m super proud of him because recording an album with two kids, and a very full time job, takes a lot of dedication, plus the new jamz sound awesome. Anyways, he’s got a band together with some tyte bros, called Tyte Jeff and their first show is tonight!

I made him a tyte website for his tyte band, you can check out his new song “Loose Crowns” over there. And if any of you local dudez/ettez are interested, he’s playing two sets tonight at the Terminal bar, yes, the Terminal bar, first show starts at 9.

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  • Meg@ourwaytoeat.com November 20, 2013

    Woah! Very cool news!! As I’ve mentioned before, I was in the crowd at more than a handful of TPC shows….they eventually lead me to check out your nifty blog. We still love their music and listen to it and get pumped up. I’m interested to check out Jeff’s new tunes. I’m sure he’ll feel like he never stepped of the stage. Expect us back in the crowd. Nice job on the website!

    • Scoops November 21, 2013

      I hope you do like the other songs as they are released too! They are a parting from TPC, but I think they are still super awesome in a new sort way. I’ll be looking for you at a future show, and thanks for kind words on the website!

      • Meg@ourwaytoeat.com November 21, 2013

        I’ll be keeping my eye out for upcoming gigs. For an artist to continue to be inspired, they have to be able to change and go new directions. I’m excited about the new stuff and we’re going to dig it, if Loose Crowns is any indication. Driving beat, lyrics with imagery and an edge, strong, clear delivery…. I enjoyed it from the first listen, which isn’t always the case for me with new music. I liked having the lyrics on the website too. I’m a lyric googling nut. Why hide the ball?

  • Janelle@5053 November 20, 2013

    I dig the song! Can’t wait to hear more!

    • Scoops November 21, 2013

      I’ll say thanks on his behalf! I hope you like the rest of the songs too – we’ll have a release party sometime in January.

  • Amanda @ willful/joyful November 21, 2013

    SO wishing I were local. I’d be there in a heartbeat with my tytest jeans on. And great job on the website. I approve.

    • Scoops November 21, 2013

      Yes! Glad you approve of the site!

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