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Macrame Chairs!

Hey-O Happy Freitag (that's German for Friday) everybody. Guess what I am doing right now? Sitting in the waiting room of a hospital while Jeff gets a knee surgery for a torn Meniscus. We're calling him "Young Menisc" from now on. He totally injured himself a few weeks back when Joel and Katrina were in town. I guess casually drinking beers in the backyard can result in knee surgery a month READ MORE
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Sunburst Afghan Remix

So, I couldn't resist making Beak & Cam's baby an afghan, just like the sunburst blanket I made for Elsa when she was borned. Believe me, I tried to resist, I knew it was going to take a lot of time and I probably should've started back in the cold days of winter. It's totally my duty to bestow blankets on all the cool babies of the world. I couldn't let Cam's baby girl not have some sunburst lovin' READ MORE
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Eggcellent Eggs

Me and the kid folk made Easter Eggs yesterday. “Wahoo!” as Finn would say. For me, it was more stressful than fun. After the kids quickly spilt two dye cups I was about to lose my mind. But, it happens, and I tried to stay cool. We did try some awesome new techniques this year including tie dye and masking off patterns. Martha has about 101 different ways to dye eggs on her site, and READ MORE
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Last Minute Valentines

We made some Valentine's today for Mom's and Dad's and everyone we love! I've been trying to come up with a fun Valentine's Day project for awhile and was inspired when I saw this V-Day post over at Small for Big. This one was fun, quick and easy. It's really great seeing these kids go to town and create. I would've loved to have had some super bright fluorescent paper on hand, but neon READ MORE
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Glitter Pinecone Ornaments

After helping my mom hang decorations on her Christmas tree last weekend, I realized how almost every year growing up we made a handmade ornament, whether it were at school, Sunday school, or at home with Mom. Inspired by a sparkly pinecone I created as a little runt, I made a late night trip to the drug store on Monday night to stock up on glue and glitter.Finn concentrates on his ornament skills.Our READ MORE
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