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Puddle Stompin’

Oh man! It downpoured for 15 minutes late yesterday afternoon, and as soon as the rain was over the kids went out to splash in some puddles. Typically they like to truck through the puddles at a million miles an hour trying to make as much sweet spray as they can. They like me to take videos of them so they can see how cool it/they look(s). So I obliged, I ran inside to get my phone because READ MORE
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Hey Guys! It's finally feeling like spring is happening here in the midwest. Trees are budding, grass is greening up and everyday I spy more and more plants in my yard that are poking through the dirt. It's all really exciting, and is by far my favorite time of year. Finn and I have been planning an addition to our raised bed veggie garden for months. We've been waiting weeks for the READ MORE
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Busy Building a Bunk Bed!

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We Ordered a Bunk Bed!

Okay, I'll fess up, I think I may be more excited about the new bunk bed then the boys are. Gus does say "wow" when I show him pictures of it, and Finn is pretty stoked, but really, I'm the one who thinks this will be awesome. We just ordered the "Perch Bunk Bed" from Oeuf this weekend. It's on backorder and won't be available to ship until mid-October, but that's cool, we can wait. I love READ MORE
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First Day of School!

Finn started his second year of preschool on Tuesday! He's super stoked about it, he really loves teachers, learning, and most of all, a nice steady schedule. We had a fun summer but I think he was getting a little bored of being around the house all the time and was ready to welcome a new adventure. He's amped to discover new things and meet new friends. I'm excited for him, we know he'll do READ MORE
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