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Deuce Cities Henhouse

We've been talking for awhile about the boys sharing a room once Gus grows out of his crib, (which should be coming to an end around the fall). There are lots of reasons for the boys to share a room, but the main one is because they want to. At least Finn wants to, we only suppose Gus does, because if he had it his way he would follow Finn around 24/7. I never had a sibling of the same gender, READ MORE
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Living Room Purchases!

Yo buddies! I ordered living room furniture, can you hardly believe it? My folks took the kids on Saturday and me and Jeff got to go out and try on all the sofas. It was pretty fun, and scary, and overwhelming, and brain scrambling. After thinking I had it narrowed down to a few sofas we had last minute self doubt and considered this Sabine sofa for a bit. Although it's beautiful (and super comfy), READ MORE
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Thinking About : My Living Room

Hey Guys, I'm still obsessing over the final plans for the living room. If you've been reading along you know that I've been compiling style boards for potential sofa, rug, and chair candidates as we're in the market for some new living room pieces. I've realized that there are like a million combinations of furniture pieces that could work together for our living room. This of course is driving READ MORE
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Thinking About : Graphic Rugs

We've been saving for a few months now and it's getting closer and closer to shopping time for some new living room furniture!!! In case you couldn't tell by the excessive exclamation marks, I can't wait! If you remember from previous posts, our living room sofa and arm chair have seen better days. Now that kids are getting a little older we figure we can trust them not to puke or pee on our READ MORE
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Thinking About : Chairs

Well this post is a follow up to my sofa post from last week. I'm still thinking about new furniture options for our living room. Our current arm chair is in even worse shape then the sofa. It's saggy, stained and sorry-ass-lookin'. The chair, like our sofa, also came from Room and Board, but unlike the sofa, was purchased in the default-off-the-rack fabric and it hasn't held up well. READ MORE
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