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5 Years in a 100 Year Old House

Hey guys! We've moved into our 5 years ago this month! That's the longest I've ever lived in one place since moving out of my folks' place - head's up - that was 15 years ago! We love this house so much, like the most! We'll be staying here for the long haul. We've/I've been busy the last few years really trying to make this house our own. I believe that making a home is one of those things that really happens over time, in layers. I couldn't imagine making it all happen overnight like it READ MORE
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Adding Color to the Boys’ Room

Five years ago this month we moved into this house. The entire place was painted in a terrifyingly boring light brownish-yellowish color that was well past its prime, if there ever was any sort of prime for that brand of mediocrity. Bottom line: everything needed a fresh coat of paint. The first thing we did when we moved – like literally, before we unpacked a single bag – was tackle the bedroom of our then-20-month-old son, Finn. We painted his room a bright yellowy-green. There was no plan READ MORE
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A Bit of Spring

One of my new favorite things is growing mini bulb gardens indoors. Last fall and winter I grew paper white bulbs inside of these small, matte, pale coral "bowls" I picked up at CB2 last spring. I really enjoyed having these mini gardens for a good chunk of the winter as semi-permanent floral arrangements on our bed side tables. I was hungry to find bulbs to grow in these small pots this spring. I couldn't resist when I saw a spring bulb arrangement wrapped in purple foil at the grocery store READ MORE
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Adding a Record Stop to Basic Shelves

I'm dedicating this post to all the folks out there who use Expedit (or the newer Kallax) Ikea shelves to store their record collection. For us, these bookshelves have been terrific for our records, they fit the height of a record nearly perfectly and are able to hold a lot of records. We've had our shelving system for 5 years, and there has been no warping or sagging - this seems impossible but I think the geniuses at Ikea probably did some sort of math and calculated the perfect amount of spacing READ MORE
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Refinishing the Dining Room Table

Six years ago we bought a mid century 1958 Drexel dining room table from a seller on craigslist. I didn't know how much I'd grow to love the table when we first purchased it, at the time it just fit the bill. It had good lines, minimal wear and most importantly was in our price range. It cost us a whopping $325 for the table and a set of 6 chairs which included 2 captains chairs. I love this table! It’s seen its fair share of battle though: LEGO building, board game playing, puzzle making, READ MORE
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