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Basement Bathroom : Week 5

Although I am right on schedule with this project, it feels like its taking forever! It's a semi-enjoyable, semi painful kind-of-forever, and I'm glad the payoffs make it seem worth it thus far. Let me get you guys up to speed. Since last week I tiled one side of the shower stall. It's not just one side though, it's one side with a soap niche. Who would have ever thought that one niche would take so much planning, but it did. After staring at hundreds of images on pinterest and considering READ MORE
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Basement Bathroom : Week 3-ish

Hey guys! Whazzup? Technically this is the start of week four, but I wanted to check in and let you know where I finished off after last week. I've completed all the subway tile around the sink area which consists of one large wall and two more narrow walls. The tiling went up pretty quickly after I got into a grove. I've said it like five times already, but that laser level has made tiling so easy! If only their was a laser level equivalent for grouting! Holy buckets! How easily I forgot READ MORE
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A Night In

This post is in partnership with Anolon for A Night In. Good evening Friends! If you frequent the cool interior blogs of the internet, you might remember this summer when a bunch of bloggers got together to post about their homes in the evenings (gasp, say what?). I know we are all used to seeing our favorite bloggers share light-filled, airy pics of their homes during the day, but definitely not during the night. Can you even imagine an interior decor pic without overcast sun light pouring READ MORE
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Basement Bathroom : Week 2

Hey friends, hope you are all doing okay. I meant to post earlier this week, but I just couldn't find the enthusiasm to do it. I've been making a lot of good progress on the basement bathroom since mindless distractions have been very welcome, and I'm feeling very confident in my decisions as I go along. I take that back, I'm feeling really amped up, and proud of how this is coming together! I'm excited that soon I'll be installing the sink and beginning the tile in the shower. As of right READ MORE
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Getting Bluer, Going Darker

Hey bros! I just wanted to do a quick pop in to share my newly painted living room. I know, you might not be able to really tell that it's that different via my pics on the internet, but take my word for it, it is! I like it so much better. The before color (Dragonfly by BM) was great and I loved how dark and moody it was, but on a sunny day it would feel pretty saturated and very teal and that felt loud and obnoxious to me. I wanted it to be more muted and a little bit darker, so that even READ MORE
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