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Basement Update & Plans

Hey Guys! Hope you all had a sweet weekend. We chilled so hard, and it felt pretty great. Anyway - I thought I'd take a sec and fill you doodz in on whats been happening (or not happening) in our basement. To refresh your memory, this basement remodel was supposed to be a spring project complete in time for the summer. It is now almost the end of spring and the basement remodel is officially going to start in two weeks and hopefully be completed in time for the fall. So what's been going READ MORE
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Backyard Hammock

Guys! Check out the best new thing to happen to happen to my backyard dream scene. My new hammock, lovingly given to me by my boys for Mo's day (aka Mother's Day). I'e been thinking a hammock could be a really great addition to the backyard for the last year or so, I just wasn't sure about the size. Our yard isn't that big, and the lawn is valuable real estate. There are baseball games, soccer fields, bocce ball courts, croquet courses and wrestling matches that need to have room to be played READ MORE
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Wait For It

So, guys. I've been wanting to buy this certain rug for the boys' room for a long time, and after waiting for-like-ever, we finally purchased it last month. I know, buying a rug isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but I thought that after waiting for so long it was at worth a blog post. There’s a lot that happens to your relationship to an object or thing if you decide to hold off and wait for it. Either the heart grows fonder or you get over it, (and go out with someone else). READ MORE
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5 Years in a 100 Year Old House

Hey guys! We've moved into our 5 years ago this month! That's the longest I've ever lived in one place since moving out of my folks' place - head's up - that was 15 years ago! We love this house so much, like the most! We'll be staying here for the long haul. We've/I've been busy the last few years really trying to make this house our own. I believe that making a home is one of those things that really happens over time, in layers. I couldn't imagine making it all happen overnight like it READ MORE
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Adding Color to the Boys’ Room

Five years ago this month we moved into this house. The entire place was painted in a terrifyingly boring light brownish-yellowish color that was well past its prime, if there ever was any sort of prime for that brand of mediocrity. Bottom line: everything needed a fresh coat of paint. The first thing we did when we moved – like literally, before we unpacked a single bag – was tackle the bedroom of our then-20-month-old son, Finn. We painted his room a bright yellowy-green. There was no plan READ MORE
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