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Mini Makeover : The Bathroom

Budz, although I try, my house isn't 100% pretty. It's easy to lie to the world and make it seem that way on the internet though. A few of you have noticed that I never post photos of my bathroom, and that's for good reason - there's only shame to share. We have two bathrooms in our house, one in the basement, that for the time being consists of a toilet and a roll of toilet paper. The other is on the second floor of our house, and is used by the entire family as well as guests. Herein lies READ MORE
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Floating Shelves in the Basement

Budz! Have you noticed I've only been posting once a week, maybe twice at best. Sorry if I've been slow to respond to e-mails and comments, I'll get to 'em. I've been so busy with all of this basement stuff, it's consuming my life and I can't wait for it to be done. Remember, we started planning this basement around this time last year, so it's seriously time to wrap this baby up and be done. I'm happy that I was able to do a lot of the finishing work myself, but it's been a life suck. READ MORE
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Make It : Swing Arm Lamp

Hey Guys! I've been drooling over the lamps at One Forty Three for what seems like years now, and every pic I see come through my pinterest feed featuring a swing arm lamp I automatically pin. I've just been waiting one to add one to the almost-finished-basement, and then I saw a recent ASK This Old House episode where they walk you through re-wiring an old lantern into a electrified lamp. Obviously, I wasn't going to be electrifying any lanterns, but I realized that the basic technique could READ MORE
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Sorry (not sorry), More Stair Stuff

Hi. I know, another stair post, but this is my life, and you get to hear about it. I finished the lower half of the basement stairs almost a month a go to the date. We have been so happy with the new stairs, that I just couldn't live with myself if I didn't refinish the upper section of the stair case and the landing off the side door. I was at the point where we had put so much into this basement remodel, that it would be so dumb to leave the upper staircase the way they had been. Granted, READ MORE
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Final Basement To Do List

Hey! Where have you been? I mean where have I been, ur? I've been right here, wrestling with the last of these basement projects. Remember, the basement? I called it quits for awhile because I needed a rest both mentally and physically. After getting the house back in order post-major-remodel everything is kinda starting to feel normal again, and it's time to finally put the finishing touches on the basement, especially with the holidaze right around the corner. I kind of informally started READ MORE
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