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Corner Shelf!

Twelve years ago on a cold November night I lay slumbering peacefully in my twin bed in my tiny college bedroom (Jeff may have been there too, but don’t tell my folks). I had decorated my room after seeing an episode of Trading Spaces wherein Doug painted a room a shade of blue that was nearly grey and hung glass icicles around the top of a four-poster bed. Side note – I tried to Google a picture of it to show you guys, but Trading Spaces was practically on TV before the internet even knew how to poop on the toilet. Get it? The internet was like slightly older than a baby. Anyway people didn’t put photos on the internet back then because it took up too many KB’s and whatever. Trading Spaces inspired me to take my first decorating baby steps. I basically painted my room blue, had a vintage table as a desk and hung some bookshelves from my wall because I had no space to put books anywhere else – there was definitely no icicles. Back to when I was sleeping. So, I was sleeping in my bed…and then I wasn’t, because all of the books and all of the boards and all of the brackets that I had expertly hung on my wall (without anchors, ha) came tumbling down on top of me (and Jeff) in the middle of the night. Who knew that I was supposed to use anchors? I mean who knew? I was like 19. 19 year olds don’t know that stuff. However, twelve years later and I think I finally figured it out. Booyahchaweagle! Here’s a before shot in case you didn’t remember what it used to look like just a few short Get the Scoop [...]
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I’ve Got Two Side Tables and A Microphone

Who doesn't like an excuse to look at gratuitous photos of pretty nightstands? Good, glad I'm not alone. It goes without saying, but I'm gonna say it anyway. I wasn't going to take the time to make our bedroom all pretty without doing something about the bed side tables. We were getting new nightstands. Of course this girls working within a budget, so the world is not my oyster. It is in fact more like some sort of mussel or clam. With my budget in mind my original plan was to purchase two of these Stockholm tables from Ikea, paint them white and add some pretty hardware. I needed something petit in size, capable of storage and low in cost. These Ikea tables would have run me a hair under $200 bones, and would have done the trick. Then a sale happened and I couldn't resist the Penelope nighstand from West Elm. I was able to get these tables for the same price as the Ikea tables! Here is how I reasoned this into being. These side tables retail for $199 each for a total of $398. My buddies over at WE were having a 20% off sale a few weeks ago, which if you do your math is a savings of $40 per table. Now I'm down to a cost of $318 for two tables, I also had a West Elm "Design Dollars" from my bed purchase a few months ago, this save me an additional $100 bucks. Now these tables are down to $218, which was good enough for me to go ahead and pull the trigger on. However, West Elm charged me incorrectly and I called to straighten it out, in doing so they took care of the tax and shipping which put me well under Get the Scoop [...]
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Attic Finds

Hey Guys, long time no see. I was just in Vegas for a long weekend with my lady friends. Have you ever been there before? It was my first time, basically it was what I expected it to be, a shit show, but way more expensive. Anyway, that's what I've been doing. Before I left last week I did some hunting up in my attic. My attic appears to have literally nothing in it. There are no awesome long lost secrets to find up there, just old rafters, 4 windows and emptiness. I still find myself going up there on occasion in hopes of finding some sort of long lost relic. Then, last week when I was up there snooping around I realized that what I thought to be a couple of boards leaning up against the wall were actually old beveled mirrors! I was so excited to find something old and original to the house, and best of all it was something that I could potentially make useful again! Then right next to the chimney, I kicked around what I thought was an old brick and realized it was lightweight and hollow, not a brick at all! It was totally a box. Oh my god, was this it, the key to the mystery of my house, some long lost time capsule? Alas, it was just a melamine box with some old keys, some pins and a pay stub. But the pay stub has some dudes name on it, so I'm thinking I might start up my subscription again to do some ancestral stalking of people who may or may not have ever lived in my house. Someday I seriously just need to cut to the chase and go down to the Hennepin History Museum to see if I can find Get the Scoop [...]
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Hiding the Bedroom TV

Remember back when I was debating moving the bed a few weeks ago? I'm sure you guys are just on the edge of your seat waiting to see what we decided to do. Well, after living with it for a few weeks we decided to go ahead and move the bed to the wallpapered wall. You guys were right, I really love it this way. There were pros and cons for moving the bed, one of the biggest cons was where to put the tv. This was a big issue for us because we L O V E our tv. We're addicted and we're not afraid to shout it to the world. We watch a few shows almost every night before bed, so we just needed to have a tv. Our bedroom is long and narrow so putting the tv on the far wall opposite the bed would've been strange. The tv would've been so far away that I'm not sure we could've seen the picture clearly or heard the tv from that side of the room. There was also the option of hanging the tv on the wall next to the bed, this wasn't ideal because we'd have to crane our necks to watch our very important shows. Plus it would be the first thing you saw when you entered the room and it would scream, "look at me I'm a big ugly dumb life sucking black box hanging on your wall". There would've needed be some sort of cover contraption built for the tv so that it could be tucked away when it wasn't being watched. Then there was the long shot option. This option involved some eye rolling from friends and family. With the bed in the new position we needed to have something at the foot of the bed because the room is so long and narrow. Get the Scoop [...]
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Closing the Gap

Okay budz, so I try to be true to the history of my 1910 home whenever possible, but there was just this one thing I couldn't handle anymore. It all started way back when we bought the house in 2010 - we were touring the second floor and were checking out the master bedroom. I was pretty into the space but I stopped to ask the realtor about the strange and uneven crown molding. I asked him why it wasn't touching the ceiling, my main concern was that the house unsettled in some weird way (which I admit was super novice, but I didn't know). He explained that it was picture molding, something you might be familiar with if you too have an old house. The olden folks used it as a ledge to hang a hook that attached to a wire that attached to their pictures. All a very intense plan to spare their pristine plaster walls from nail holes. Typically picture molding is hung about an inch from the ceiling. Ever since we've moved in I have never understood or appreciated the picture molding, I am the worst. I get it, great plan all you olden days people! However, you never planned on someone coming in during the 70's and unevenly spraying the ceiling with gross popcorn texture. You didn't know it would look super not cool with your really nice moldings. So sorrry victorians I'm not getting rid of that most-likely-asbetos-ridded-ceiling anytime soon, I'm getting rid of your utilitarian moldings instead. Point is, the molding looks super bad, uneven, and unfinished. I have never hung a picture from it, and it's historical Get the Scoop [...]
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