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Ikea Picture Ledge

Hey Guys! Long time, no see. Things have been so crazy busy around here, it's nuts. I am losing my mind and have been laid up with a killer cold, but good work is happening. Anyway, I wanted to share a quick post about the basement. I couldn't figure out what to do behind the sofa, we had a big blank white wall, and figuring out what to hang on it was killing me. It really felt to me like we needed to have one large piece of artwork back there, but large artwork is not in the budget. Something READ MORE
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DIY Pendant Lamp

Budz, I kinda like this new quick post method. Way less stressful for yours truly. There is so much stuff that I always want to share, but the pressure of the internet makes me feel like I should always present to you via some big, bad, epic post. How 'bout just a little tid bit? That works for me and makes it way more fun. Okay, so I am kinda obsessed with all the possibilities of making my own lighting after making the swing arm pendant a few weeks (eh, months) back. Since electricity READ MORE
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It’s a Niche.

Hey Guys! I think I'm going to do a lot more quick brief posts since my new kid schleppin' schedule isn't allowing me tons of time for the long winded, in depth kinda posts that I like to do. Having less time means coming up with new ways of making the stuff I care about fit in. I still wanna share whats been happening around the house, especially since the basement is basically done, and because duh, I love ta blog! Someday I will be sharing the entire basement in all it's god damn glory, READ MORE
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Bench Cushion – Crushed It.

Okay pals! I'm getting so close to finishing up the basement, like almost, nearly, kinda there! I just got to cross a big sucker off the list, which only leaves me with a few easy tasks. I upholstered a piece of peach foam with some of my favorite fabric, and it turned into this very cool bench seat. Not only does this seat offer extra seating when we be hanging in the basement (which is always), but it also subs in as a bed, a stage for kids, and the best new addition to the basement. Can READ MORE
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Things that I did Last Year.

Friends! Can I just start by saying that I am feeling stoked to get back in the swing of things! I already love 2016, it just feels right. It was nice to have a bit of a break from house stuff the last few weeks, and now that the basement is almost done. Done. DONE!, I will be able to move on to other projects. I am so ready for other projects, and so over working on the basement! For fun, last night I spent an hour or so going through my posts from the last year to refresh my memory and READ MORE
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