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Tidy It Up : The Garage

Hey Guys! Thanks for all the sweet and honest feedback on my tidying post last week. I would've done it either way but hearing that so many of you felt similarly about your houses, apartments, and spaces, encouraged me to jump right into the deep end! Ace was also super generous encouraging all us Ace bloggers to really get into a big project this summer. For me that was the garage. Last month I shared with you the exterior transformation and the big update on alley appeal. What's that READ MORE
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All I want is Tidiness!

Hmm, I don't know what it is, maybe that two-and-a-half-month remodeling of the basement or could it be that my kids were making huge messes all summer long, but somehow my house is chaotic! I just want one of those houses that looks pretty, put together, and organized all the time, is that too much to ask? When the kids were younger I was so good at tidying up daily and staying on top of the ins and outs of the house, but right now I feel like it's just gotten so away from me. How do I get READ MORE
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Hi Guys! Woah, what a crazy summer this has been. I am so happy that the basement is finally done. It’s been overwhelming to say the least. I thought I was totally prepared for a remodeling project and didn’t think that it would affect our typical day-to-day lifestyle too much – I was so totally wrong. Yes, it wasn’t as bad as I’m sure a kitchen remodel would be, and I’m so thankful we have this awesome basement now, but – holy hell – it still was bad. We didn’t have access READ MORE
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Basement Remodel : Week 8

Whaddup? Long time no see, huh? I've been SO incredibly busy realizing this basement plan. The last two weeks have been nuts. I have basically abandoned my family and live in the basement surviving only on food people bring me and beers. Sorry in advance if my writing skills are not up to par, this body is still tired and the lack of social interaction is taking its toll. Minus the sore back, it's actually been really fun and satisfying to work on the basement. The worker dudes left READ MORE
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Alley Appeal

Whazzup all you cool people? I have a sweet makeover to share with you today facilitated by my nice neighborly pals over at Ace Hardware, (thanks Ace, you da best!). Us Ace bloggers were asked to get really in depth on a project this summer, something that we were really itching to get at. I knew right away that I had to tackle my garage. I have a few good reasons for this. Firstly, the exterior of it is so boring; white vinyl siding paired with a plain white aluminum door leaves much to READ MORE
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